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piracy regarding...fanfic?

megyal pointed out that someone seemed to be distibuting fanfic via e-mail without crediting the authors. It seems like a good idea morphed into something else and the now the list of fics has been pulled down.

Just want to point out that this has been happening time and again - people want an easy to download format for fanfics (because, hey, if you're travelling, it can really be a pain to save fics chapter by chapter to a word document/pdf/html file).

Rather than saving these fics ourselves and then sharing them underground without the author's consent, it would make more sense to go up to the author, ask them if we can host downloadable versions in an *official capacity* - in a sort of archive/database of downloadable fanfic, complete with links to the author's email and lj and personal website(s).

This way the whole of fandom wins cause readers get the quick solution for fanfic while on the move and authors get credit and exposure.
The thing is, a lot of the archives already have a feature where you can see the whole chaptered story on one page (the Hex Files, for example). All you have to do then is to copy, paste and save. It doesn't take much more effort than that. The only problem is finding the fic, of course.

I wish all archives would have a feature like that. :/
a lot of the archives already have a feature where you can see the whole chaptered story on one page

O__O That is cool - and I had no idea, lol.

The unfortunate bit is that most authors post at different archives. Sometimes peeps don't really have a go to place to download the latest complete versions. And in those cases they have to create and maintain those files themselves (my offline copies of favorite fic are missing the latest chapters for quite a few months ^__^)

I wish all archives would have a feature like that. :/

*hopes with you* Does skyehawke have that feature btw?
I know, it can be really annoying to keep copies of WsIP. :/ Especially because people often update at a different pace on different archives. So on one archive, the story could have 12 chapters, while on the other 14. :|

I don't think Skyehawke has that feature, no. Maybe we should suggest it. It'd be so useful... Not just for us that would want to save the story, but also those on dial-up who can't be online all the time. :)
Yes, it's so *frustrating* - I might read something on one archive, head over to the livejournal and there are half a dozen updates over there >__< Some authors grow to prefer certain archives over others cause they get more/better reviews or its easier to update or it's very PRETTY. So I just track story tags for various authors now (if they have an LJ).

Dial up ;__; - I remember when I first got the Opera browser in highschool back in asia - I was ecstatic to be able to open 20 chapters in 20 tabs and then GO OFFLINE.

And today I find that Japan has internet speeds over 20 times faster than those in US. WHY AM I ALWAYS IN THE WRONG COUNTRY/CONTINENT.
But then sometimes I compare the LJ version and the archive version of the fic, and I notice that the version on the archive is different (and more "correct"). It's so frustrating! :/
Though it does make sense...lj being the first place the update is posted and then edits come into effect when it's 'officially' added to archives. *sigh*
Oh and where does one normally put requests for features for skyehawke? On their lj, forums or via e-mail?
I agree! I was actually going to post a question asking if people would be interested in such a site/service.
Lol! The site/service could offer to make pdfs/html/docs for authors if the authors don't have time, or the authors could sign up directly and post they're stuff for download.

Unfortunately I'm thinking something like that would require a database (which I have absolutely no idea about) and to really work longterm it might need a login system for authors to update the files directly when new chapters are posted. Or maybe it'd be a site only for finished fics/permanent WIPs...

As you probably know, my world is Jane Austen fanfiction and not only has the above mentioned "show printable version" of the stories, but many authors and some dedicated volunteers make beautiful pdfs of stories. For two of those I made the cover art so far. ;D
Ha Ha Ha!
You have just to google for it. :)
But when you are 18 or above, I recommend my favourite playground
Some of the best finished stories (of various ratings) are collected at, were no registration is required.
As a quick taste of how it can be, a so called NB (Naughty Bit) here:
And if you'd like to take a serious peek, my recommendation for starters would be "The Muse" by Jessi or "Slurry" by Heatherlynn as moderns and maybe Ayden's "The Great Game" as regency. All of those are based on Pride and Prejudice.
By now, you probably wish you hadn't asked. So I'll stop now. ;P