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life is busy but boring, so I'm pimping...

[001] myrasis outdid herself with this fabulous batch of stock icons. I mean, wow.

[002] bzzinglikeneon is having a friending meme! Go forth and mingle XD

[003] When did painless_j get a site? It's times like these I realise I live under a rock.

[004] I found a very cool list: Carson Beckett Long fics (Stargate Atlantis). Damn it, when's our favorite doctor returning to SGA? Oh and also found a Snape/Draco masterlist! Yay for alternate ships!

[005] May I present to you the Italic lolcat. The Opera community had an lolcat contest and here's the list of winners - and their lolcats!


I think I got the most answers in this category which is odd since I've never seen the movie o__O Still, WAY COOL -___-

[007] red_rahl posted an AS/S comic strip! Al in the first panel is so freaking pinchable, my fingers keep twitching.

[008] Another big icon post that made me fall over from the shiny. So many fandoms, so hard to decide.

[009] Opera 9.5 Alpha released sometime around 3:30 AM today and it's super fast like INSANE fast. Read about it here.
ah, so I'm not the last one to find it? Thank god. I was wondering how out of the loop I'd gotten thanks to the hols...
[003] She mentioned something to me about that, yup. I don't think it's finished yet though. :D I'd like to have a site too... I'd be able to make my rec list really neat. I like neat. :(
Getting an lj to look like that isn't hard - just needs a three column layout and links and tags set up.

Though being able to use javascript and all those toys on regular sites (which LJ refuses to allow) means I'll be in the same boat as you ;__;
Wait, what? If you want something like that just say the word :) I've wanted to do a layout with something other than smoothsailing for a while and playing with a three column layout would be spiffy XD

Hmm, and then I could do a couple of color schemes and share it on the layout comms >__>

Do you want? Either way it's cool -____-
I'll have to think about that. Changing the layout always takes so much work, and I'm lazy. :P So, I'll tell you if I decide on something, hehe. :D
No probs :) If you find/think of a design you like, holler and I'll get on it. Then you'd simply have to copy/paste the code I email ^__^
Since you're on a 'masterlist' roll, would you like the one for Percy/Oliver?