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Layout: Smooth Sailing - Lines

Style: S2 Smooth Sailing
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Firefox, Opera, IE
Custom Comment Page: yes
Navbar: Disabled automatically
Ads: untested
Website link: Not Needed
Default Icon (sidebar): Disabled

Lines - Smooth Sailing with 9 diferent color schemes

Preview Aquatic

Includes a guide to easily:
  • change all the colors
  • change the layout width
  • Align the layout left or right or center
  • add/remove header image, sidebar and/or background image.
NOTE: As always, the sideboxes at the top are completely scrollable so add as many links as you want. Tag boxes, search boxes etc. should also work fine with this layout.

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Awesome :) Just thought I should mention that the link list should be kept hidden - any links can instead by put into one of the free text boxes.
Heads up: Link to Aquatic has "11" instead of "l1". (Taking and crediting, BTW)
Thanks so much...these layouts are gorgeous. I am using the 'Blacks' one and I have one question - do you know how I'd be able to change the scroll bar for the entry tags in the "sidebar" at the top so that it matches the rest of the layout? (It's on this journal, if you'd like to see what I mean.) If not, it's not that big of a deal and these are still gorgeous layouts! Major kudos to you :) ♥
Unfortunately, the colors will only change in Internet Explorer (i think) and in Opera - in Firefox, they'll stay white. Which browser are you using?
I haven't picked which one I'll use, but if I do, it would be over on my insanejournal (which doesn't support smooth sailing, but I've got a way around that, buwahah). I just wanted to find out if it was okay for me to use one of your layouts on a non-lj site first. :)

These are all gorgeous and I always love the work you put into your layouts - they're always fantastic and easy to integrate. :D
I'm absolutely fine with having my layouts at the lj clones as long as there's credit:)

Though I need to ask - how on earth do you port the smooth sailing layouts over? I need to do it for a community but so idea :(
Thank you! It looks great! Using the tan one (well, without header image so far), credited you :)
love this layout! and your other graphics too! =)

friended you just so i can keep up to date with your other stuff :D

mem-ing this =)
This is very thoroughly put together piece by piece. I love the general idea how you can change/further customize your layout with only one-two color schemes and simple changes. Some color schemes work for others and some don't. To this day I still refrain to use "Light in the Dark" variations because even though they look sophisticated, they aren't exactly easy to the eyes, especially under the sun rays.

Well done my dear, WELL DONE.

P.S. My favorite in this Lines series is the Sands. ♥
It's so nice. I'm saving a couple will definitely use and credit you. Your layout are the best layout I've ever had. I love it! Awesome job!
Oooh, I absolutely love this! Definitely saving to memories for later use. It's great!! Will credit when used. Thanks!
These are gorgeous. Using the white one, credit is in profile. :) Thanks!
These are great! Love how easily customizable they are. As soon as I get around to making myself a header, I'll be using this as a base, and will definitely credit you for your awesome work!
Ohh, these are awesomeeee! I snagged the black one for my icon community, will credit, THANK YOU!!! :D
It's gorgeous but I have a question with the header:
I tried it without header and it worked well, so I tried putting the header and it goes back to my old Toxic Teal layout.
.header-title {
background-image: url(''); /* put link between the quotes */
padding-top: AAApx;
/* replace AAA with the height of the image + 35px so if your header is 250px high, type in 285px*/

.sidebar {
top: 95px;
/* replace BBB with the height of the image plus 95px */
/* FOR EXAMPLE if the header image is 400px in height, BBB will be 450 */

I know nothing about layouts, so I found it strange that you had to put the image height again and also, there's no BBB and 400px + 95 isn't 450.
This is confusing me, can you help me? Thanks
I'm using your white layout right now! Thanks so much for making so many great layouts, and you're credited in my profile. :D
I love how customizable and easy on the eyes your layouts are. Adding to memories - I'll be sure to credit you if I use them. :D
Took the white one - looks great. But I have a problem...

My journal somehow looks like this: Here (the title and subtitle are in the wrong spot and HUGE). Any ideas what I did wrong and how I can fix it? *pouts*
I love these, and I'm trying to use the grey one with a header, but no matter what I use for the pixel amounts in the code, the header is down too far, kind of underneath the title and boxes. It's on this journal. Do you think you could take a look and tell me what you think is wrong?
Mem'd for now. :3 Will credit when used. <3 your layouts! Keep up the good work.
I'm taking the grey for my resource comms here and on IJ. I'll install in a few days. Thank you!

I adore this layout and am using it over on Scribblit (using the LJ-clones 'port someone posted earlier), but I do have an issue... The very last link in each of my sidebars is cut off-- I can't scroll down and see what it is, though I can click on it. I took a screenshot so you can see my problem.

Do you have any idea why it's doing this?