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I discovered RSS feeds back in October 2005 - when I first started posting in LJ (it was my first tech squee post). Now, feeds are everywhere and it's still one of the easiest and fastest ways to track web content.

This fall I got a couple new feeds including those for:
  • - since I constantly find myself missing new trailers of potentially fab movies.

  • - my god, for cool applications and new useful websites, this has been a lifesaver.

  • PSDTuts - recently, the tutorials haven't been as great but some of the older stuff is just excellent. There aren't too many sites with truly brlliant photoshop tutorials
What feeds are you subscribed to? Whether it be just for fun or for the useful info :)
Since you seem to be on a bit of a geek vibe, I can't help but rec shinyshinyblog--just for the ladies: all gadgets, all the time. Their sister blogs are also excellent.

Other favorites are cabt_of_wonders (if you are a museum geek or like bizarre oddments or just like to read lovely writing, check it out) and Neil Gaiman's blog at officialgaiman. All good.

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Right now I'm following RSS feeds of a few of the holiday fic fests hosted on other sites, but the two I usually follow don't have anything to do with fandom. I love's word of the day feed and the Post Secret feed. Every week I look forward to Sunday and seeing the secrets posted. :>
The ones I love most are austen_blog and go_fug_yourself. They are so much fun!
And you know, checking out, the first thing I saw was the Gerry Butler and Wolverine thing!!! I am sooo sold! :D
Um, I just tried to find and then create a syndicated journal for, but it didn't work.
Are you watching it via your LJ flist?

ETA: Now I have created 1stshowing_news. Seems like we have to wait until it's updated to see if it works.

ETA2: It's working!!! Unfortunately I can't change the name anymore to simply firstshowing, but IT WORKRS!!! :D

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