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Picspam: Jeremy Dufour // Draco Malfoy

Jeremy Dufour is Draco Malfoy:

I saw this photo and my mind went "DRACO AND SCORPIUS ♥"

Which led to a picspam of all things Jeremy - 'cause my god, I look at him and I think Draco.

This one reminds me of all those fics where Draco sits in a pub, nursing a drink and just broods XD

Young!Draco who has to attend a function:

Replace that board with a broomstick and OH MY GOD, we have quidditch!Draco!!!

Smoking!Draco is always a dish *__*

He's watching Potter make a sweeping speech in Diagon Alley *nods*

Jailbait!Draco with questionable underwear:

I don't know why but I could stare at this photo all day:

You know those fics where Draco goes to a balcony during a party for a breath of fresh air? Well, switch out the clothes here and this would be him...

Depression!Draco hiding in a corner of the Manor with all the dusty old things the house elves have stored away...

Switch the gun out for a wand and we have Auror!Draco or Unspeakable!Draco

Now all we need is Harry to push him against the wall and...grind *drools*

Ah, Draco at the Manor, puzzling over a problem...

Okay, please switch out the outfit for robes. Then we might have portrait!Draco

This is another portrait!Draco, except his hand would be on Scorpius...

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I completely agree. ♥ I've always found him to be more 'my' vision of Draco than of, say, Boyd Holbrook.

He's delicious. I'm only sad that I never really got to use my draco LJ with all the icons, :)).
yay! :P

Guh! He's so very pretty! I didn't have some of those, so thanks! ♥
It's all thanks tothe forum - huge amounts of pics there.

He is incredibly yummy - of course I wish he looked a bit older now to match Epilogue!Draco but...*shrugs*
I love that you have each senario planned out for each photo. At the same time I was gigling to myself and sitting here going, "Yes, yes YES!"

Any picspams planned for models/actors as Harry?
Hahaha, thanks - my mind just jumped to scenarios when I saw 'em

I honestly have not found a model or actor that really represents harry for me yet :(
AHJSGFSFGA. I love that pic of him in the car.

I remember seeing a pic of a blonde guy in some icons where he's 'Draco' but not sure if it's the same guy or another.
It might be Boyd if its not Jeremy - Boyd's the one peeps usually link with Draco but I think Jeremy looks more canon...

YES - I keep going back to that car pic.

I agree. This is Draco. And that first one is him and Scorpius. *drools*
IMO he's Draco in his twenties when Scorpius is still a toddler - I wonder how he'd look 10 yrs older though for Epilogue fic...
Ah, Draco at the Manor, puzzling over a problem...
Oooh, that one's pretty.

But, uh, am I the only person who thinks he looks a bit too much like Macauly Culkin to be truly sexy? :D
I never really liked Boyd as Draco, but Jeremy... now he's really something. I want to smuggle him away and drool on him My mind can't help but go 'there's Draco' at every pic. He's gorgeous. XD
I adore Draco and Scorpius in the first one. It would make a perfect icon too.

Great pics. All of them are perfect Draco. And in the car. gah! Thanks for sharing.
Nobody ever looks like a character in my head. Maybe Adrien Browdy (however he's spelled) looks a bit like my Snape.

I like only the photo with the kid :(
Aww :( That's kind of the thing for Harry for me - I don't think I'll ever find a model I relate to him

Oh and you'll see the reason for the picspam in a (f-locked) post soon :)
That first picture made my heart melt.

I may actually have to go and write a fic based on it >.>

I've never been a fan of Boyd/Draco. Not sure why...but Jeremy! PERFECTION!

And the first shot with Scorpius!

And your captions to all the phtos are also perfect. I wish I was talented with photoshop. *sigh*

Thanks for sharing!
Hahaha thanks! It felt like I was trying to do a slideshow on the evidence on the DRaco-ness of each pic XD
He's a step up from Boyd bloody Holbrook, but he's not nearly ferrety enough. And he's way too pretty. Book!Draco is not especially handsome (if he were, Harry would've noticed -- he noticed Tom Riddle's hotness, ffs!). HARRY LOVES DRACO FOR MUCH MORE IMPORTANT REASONS THAN HIS LOOKS, OKAY. IT'S THE FIRST NON-SHALLOW RELATIONSHIP OF HARRY'S LIFE. :D
Oh he might be my post-series Draco but he's definitely quite fanon. I wish there were a version ten years older and more...punchable? *shrugs*

But I needed Jeremy's body and poses - well that sounds incredibly pervy but you'll see in a future post XD
This has made my afternoon awesome. But what is on his underwear? Is it a flower? Is it a bird and flowers? That will be bothering me for the rest of the day.

All the pictures are great, but the first one -!
The moment I saw it all I could think of was a younger pre-Epilogue Draco and my face went *__*
Oh... my... god. I always thought Boyd Holbrook would come pretty close to being the perfect older Draco but this guy... *speechless* That IS Draco.
That's my thoughts exactly - I'm not seeing Jeremy so much as Draco in these pictures *___*
o_O Oh my God!
That is so totally Draco! I never really got that with Boyd. Jeremy is
Yeah! I was surprised by how much each picture could be connected to something I'd read or seen in fanworks - they're all just Draco
oh, dufour. ♥ this boy has always done wonders for me. I have hard time seeing him as Draco for me personally because I've been following this guy for awhile in the fashion industry and, ah, boyd will probably always be my Draco no matter how many people use him as their Draco hahaha
Dear god, he is prettiful.

The first photo is so full of win. Draco and Scorpius <3 *squee*

And the photo against the black board?

That pic against the board made my mind go straight to the gutter - he looks like he's waiting to be...uh, nevermind.
It's so him! Think I'll add this to memories for future reference. Thanks a lot!
Very nice, but I still like Matty. He's not so 'pretty' and has more or less the right colouring.
The prettiness brings in the fanon element but that's the reason I love fandom - it takes canon and changes it. Jeremy's definitely not a natural blond blond but his lean physique and narrow face and high cheekbones make me think of Draco :) But it'll definitely depend person to person. For me, I don't know - I don't see Jeremy so much as my favorite Malfoy...
OMFG!!!!!!! You just gave my months of pervy thoughts and fantasies!!!!

This is every fangirl's dream!!!!

Boyd is history! :P

But gosh, where did you find him?!

And p.s. I found Lucius. Just.can't.find. the.damn. photo.

I want more photos!!!

This is why Draco is attractive to me, because I imagine him like this!! :P
Aaarrgh I think I'm going to print these photos out and and put on the wall and DROOOOOOOOOOOL!!