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Profile Layout: Color Stripes v2.0

Profile Style: Color Stripes v2.0

Revamped my bio to match the new LJ profile XD

Preview (click for live preview )

The table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the profile \o/

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\o/! *hearts*

Sankyuu, will be stealing using. *chuckles*


Ooh, I like this. It might make the icky new profile ... less icky [and a lot more pretty]. Many thanks!
holy coding, Batman!!

ty bb I will probably waste some time revamping seeing how I WOKE UP AT 7AM WHATTTTT
Ooh, pretty! I was just thinking that I'd need to re-do my profile to make it flow better with the new design. Now, I can be lazy, and just use your codes XD


Edited at 2008-11-07 12:20 pm (UTC)
this is lovely, thank you. but also.. i know this isn't the right place, the CSS. for the Light FX (or something along those lines) doesn't appear to be loading. D:
Yay, thank you! I really dislike the look of the new profile page, but this is going to make it all better :)))
I daresay you've made a lot of LJers happy. ::g::

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you. <3
omg i adore this! <333 qill credit when i use :D it's beautiful!
Pretty! *_* You've got the mad skillz girl. If I can figure it all out, I will totally credit. <3 Thanks!
Ohh, this inspired me to code my own. I love that it makes up for the white space people are complaining about. x3
That's pretty swank, man. Too bad my bio is nowhere near organized to take advantage of it. >_>