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Layouts done, WOOT!

Posted up the new layouts for Dreamwidth over here @ noveltybox \o/

Once Core2 is finalised (and named, lol) and we have an official breakdown of the numerous css classes - well, I'll probably be making my dream layout (the structure of which I mocked up here about a year ago) It was impossible to do that for free accounts before but now *_*

In any case I'll be doing fluid and elastic layouts for DW in future - and probably try the grid system, which is long overdue ^^
Have sidebar modules show up both in the footer and sidebar and leaving it up to the users what modules go where - wait, have you managed to do that? *_*
I think I'd tried it out once it mixit but wasn't able to specify exactly which module went where and in what order - but I'll look it up again and see XD

I wouldn't mind the sidebar ending early or anything (could probably tile an image beneath it so the flow still feels alright) - it had always been about the footer & sidebar specifics.

Have to ask, is there a good layout that lists the username (poster) and the comm ABOVE the title/subject? And perhaps on a single line? I like the way bloggish has the date at the bottom of an entry - but I just wish it was above the linkbar and not in it >_> Gah, this has become a pet peeves comment D:
The friends page non scroll version is what I'm going for :) I love how even your CSS hacks manage to look pretty, lolol

I think it had been the three module limit that bugged me - I'd wanted less or more in beta and couldn't control that :( But I know for the next reboot I'll either be using expressive and porting it over to DW or using Core2, if I can port it over to LJ. Must confirm if that's possible tho >_>

YOU MADE A DW LAYOUT COMM YAAAAAAAY - that's probably the only place on DW I'm going to post my layouts in future :) noveltybox is still very new and I haven't quite gotten the hand of keeping layout stuff over there and not on the personal lj D:

If Core2 does port to LJ though, that would mean the layouts would work for both DW users as well as paid LJ users who don't mind copy/pasting layer codes \o\o/o/
Recognized it immediately but STILL XD And I love how all the pretty DW journals happen to be using your LJ layouts set up for DW MWAHAHAHAHA
That layout you made is perfect! Do you have any intentions on making it official?
They are aaaaaawesome, I totally used the apple one. YAY GREEN LIKE A MONSTER.
I think my next reboot will be in either coffee or apple - am leaning towards the green 'cause I'd forgotten how soothing and mellow it is :)