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For all my anime music needs I head over to - it has practically everything in usually high quality. For instance, Wheel of Destiny (Akatsuki no Kuruma) by FictionJunction Yuuka from the OST Gundam Seed. The vocals on this song are gorgeous and and the instruments are simply stunning.

If y'all find any songs there to rec, do comment with 'em :) But yeah, the reason for this post is partly selfish since I LOST the link and then found it and omg, I was so *revlieved*.

ETA: Youtube video of Wheel of Destiny...I absolutely love it as the pace of the song picks up in the middle...and omg, the violin towards the end is to die for.

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You, my friend, have saved me from months of TORTURE. HOMG. I've been looking for a song forEVER, and thanks to that link, I FOUND IT!! My favourite song from Eyeshield 21! It's a pretty good one, too. You might like it. :D

Be Survivor :D :D :D