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I am seeing Happy Feet @ the IMAX near campus tomorrow.

YES! Extra bundles of joy since I've never seen an IMAX production.

And now for some art recs straight off DeviantART:

I found really cool Avatar fanart by Isaia here, here and here. They show our favorite characters at different ages - including the future *squee*

Some hillarious Naruto pics are here, here and here. Some others that are quite creative are here and here.

Not to mention art that is generally gorgeous and drool worthy.

And if you've watched Inu yasha, FMA and Naruto THIS is just funny.

Oh and in classic iPod art fashion - here.

I can spend hours at DA just staring at Teh Prettiness.

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Watching a movie in IMAX is an incredible experience. It is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Did I mention how amazing it is? o_O