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My gut reaction -

I don't want it. Actually my initial reaction was "Noooo! God don't do this to me." Yes, very melodramatic.

After waiting *years* for the follow up to GoF and then a couple more for OotP, Book 7 seems way too fast.

I just want more lovely post-HBP fanfiction.

I don't want to know who's actually going to die any time soon. I mean sure we know good will triumph but i don't want Harry, Snape or Draco to die. And then half of fandom will write fic that follows cannon and the other half will write off book 7 as a mistake and act as if it never existed >__> Ok, have already started rambling.

Fuckity fuck.
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*waves* I'm so with you on this. I am sad. So fucking sad. And my main priorities are Draco, Harry, and Snape, as well.

What are the chances that at least one of those three will die? Very, very high.

Yeah, while I don't actually say it in so many words, if Draco dies, life may move on, but I will be in denial for the rest of my life. The series would have ende with Half Blood Prince then.

Of course, if its not that drastic I'm sure I can swallow the pill and accept the canon.

Though after a gift like book 6, book 7 just feels like its going to be a let down. I don't think we're ever going to see Harry as obsessed and stalking Draco, except in fanfiction.
I completely agree, and it's very nice to speak to someone who feels the same. HBP overwhelmed me, because everything we had suspected of Draco was finally articulated. I felt so proud of him after reading that book.

And you're right. I don't think Book Seven can top that for Draco fans. I will absolutely be in denial if he dies, more so than any other character (although there would be Snape and Harry denial too) but I have also come to realise that each of these characters are OURS. J.K has one version of them, and we, as a fandom, both collectively, and indvidually, have taken them on and made them our own.

So even if she kills off HER Draco, she will never be able to kill off mine. It makes me feel a little better, at any rate.
I don't really want it to end, as I have a bad feeling about Draco for some reason -- though, to be perfectly honest all of my predictions have proven false thus far, such as the death in OotP; but cripes, I was right about HBP so they kind of negate each other -- but then I think of all of the fanfiction that will come of it. Of course, there's all of the wank that will inevitably follow; some of which will have me chortling for days while the rest will make me question humanity as usual.

But yeah, it does seem kind of fast, doesn't it? NOT COOL J.K.R.
I fear most for Draco 'cause damnit it's DRACO and I haven't been the same since I read book 3 and stepped into the world of fanfiction.

Can't there be a problem (not a natural disaster, but publishing issues that force JKR to find another publisher, giving us a reprieve...) *thinks evil thoughts*
I also hope Harry, Draco and Snape won't die. And Remus. And Hagrid. Actually, I want everyone who had a horrible childhood to survive! :P
Bah, he'd say puberty sucked, what with Potter putting a amper on every developmental stage >__>

Yes, horriblechildhood!peeps deserve to survive! And oddly enough I admit that I would be *that* torn up if Hermione or Ron died...though Harry being in a funk for the rest of his life would put a damper on post series fanfiction.

OMG. Post - Series Fanfiction. It has come to this. And then it'll be up to ludicrous amounts of fanworks to keep the fandom going...hopefully to outlast Star Wars followings...or those of shakespeare...
I've already pre-ordered my copy but I don't think I will be able to read it as soon as it comes. I'm not ready for it to end.
I just realised that being in america and having a car means I can drive to the midnight openings at the bookshop and stay up overnight an have panda eyes (what else is new though?)

The joys of HP book night. Oh crap, this is going to be the last one.
Me want all the lovely boys to live. But Smellymort can DIE! OMG, 6 more months to go!
I don't think there much of a question as to whether Voldie will die - that's one death that kind of a shoe in. But sadly, JKR will probably have more peeps who kick the bucket than just him...