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[001] September is my month at crack_broom! I posted my first H/D rec today over here. I'm hoping to do all eight fic recs + 2 art recs...which might actually happen since holidays are over and no more roadtripping :|

[002] I find it awesome to be able to track tags - this way I can get notified when favorite authors/artists/icon makers/SHINY PEOPLE post about something in particular. Probably increases the stalker!quotient, but it's still wonderful. So now I can just track harry/draco and admin tags on crack_broom rather than drowning my f-list page.

[003] It's that time of the month/season/year - am changing a third of my icons. I just wish there were more threadless!icons on LJ. Though it's awesome that whoresque and kiwiicons are taking requests.

[004] Some authors are particularly awful wonderful for teasing us with the possibility of new shiny fic in future. *eyes furiosity and amanuensis1* Of course maderr goes one step further by providing a snippet of the new and improved Main Gauche fic (the older version is here). Bloody teases, the lot of them :(

[005] If you haven't seen the H/D Newspaper Clipping challenge do check out the entries - though you probably shouldn't be drinking anything if you do.

[006] I got the Guild Wars game - I mean, lack of monthly subscription? AWESOME. However, my sis' PC is so old it doesn't even have a video card. So...new PC from Best Buy. It makes me bouncy cause I wanted 2GB RAM and all those I customized ended up around $1000+...this? $750 including 2 year warranty ♥ And I'll be able to reinstall Photoshop CS3 on the new PC ;__;

[007] Super Horoscopes! OMG *__* Loish is amazing.

[008] QUESTION. What did/will/wound you do on your 21st birthday? I may end up at a pub or disco...but it feels a bit blah...(yes, I view Austin's 6th street as blah)

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