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[001] September is my month at crack_broom! I posted my first H/D rec today over here. I'm hoping to do all eight fic recs + 2 art recs...which might actually happen since holidays are over and no more roadtripping :|

[002] I find it awesome to be able to track tags - this way I can get notified when favorite authors/artists/icon makers/SHINY PEOPLE post about something in particular. Probably increases the stalker!quotient, but it's still wonderful. So now I can just track harry/draco and admin tags on crack_broom rather than drowning my f-list page.

[003] It's that time of the month/season/year - am changing a third of my icons. I just wish there were more threadless!icons on LJ. Though it's awesome that whoresque and kiwiicons are taking requests.

[004] Some authors are particularly awful wonderful for teasing us with the possibility of new shiny fic in future. *eyes furiosity and amanuensis1* Of course maderr goes one step further by providing a snippet of the new and improved Main Gauche fic (the older version is here). Bloody teases, the lot of them :(

[005] If you haven't seen the H/D Newspaper Clipping challenge do check out the entries - though you probably shouldn't be drinking anything if you do.

[006] I got the Guild Wars game - I mean, lack of monthly subscription? AWESOME. However, my sis' PC is so old it doesn't even have a video card. PC from Best Buy. It makes me bouncy cause I wanted 2GB RAM and all those I customized ended up around $1000+...this? $750 including 2 year warranty ♥ And I'll be able to reinstall Photoshop CS3 on the new PC ;__;

[007] Super Horoscopes! OMG *__* Loish is amazing.

[008] QUESTION. What did/will/wound you do on your 21st birthday? I may end up at a pub or disco...but it feels a bit blah...(yes, I view Austin's 6th street as blah)
Ugh my 21st is approaching and I'm in the same boat. I'm thinking just drinking wine with people at some place. I'm not getting my hopes up.
Actually, I'd love it if I could sit down some place with friends, trying out some wines and maybe watching something fun. Unfortunately, I might end up at the disco *sigh* Let's see though...
[001] Ooh, good idea about tracking tags! :o

[006] Yay, I have Guild Wars too! Although it's mostly my boyfriend that's been playing the game lately... But when you get a new computer, and if you want to, we could team up. :D
The thing is I created my character and I got to load the initial screen (I probably should have chosen a different hairstyle) before the PC crashed. So my first character is a black haried warrior chic with a short bob and bronze armour...suddenly I wish Monday *wasn't* a holiday just so I could try playing the game >__>

Would love to team up! Well, after I figure out how to play the game, of course :)
I haven't played in a while, so I'd need to practice a bit first too. We could always team up later for the more difficult missions. :D
There's this MARVELOUS sangria they carry at Whole Foods that I'm gonna get my hands on (no way how would I know it tastes lovely, I'm good). And I'm going to go out of my way to stock Smirnoff bitch drinks vodka mix thingies for a while afterwards. As for what else I'll do, I've no real clue :P

And congrats on the Acer, by the way. Them's some fairly solid lappies, and remember, laptop RAM's cheap now, and if you get the right chipset and so on bumping your rig past 2 gigs doesn't set you back half as much as it would have before :D
-____- you be awesomely sweet, haha!

But I still don't know what to do on my birthday :|