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New layout design which I guess I'm going to call Lines (yes, not very original at all). I'll be sharing it later in a bright (white) version and a dark version (blackish greys).

The cool thing about it is that by changing two color codes, the whole journal can be changed to *any* color the user wants. Also, it's a minimilist design (which is something I've never done before).

So...if anything looks weird, could y'all holler? Though I understand if y'all are tired of being my testers >__>

ETA: quick alternate colored version is here
Your layout's fine, it's very simple and very..white xD It is! Is there suppose to be a header? If it is, there's nothing showing.

Oh and when I pressed the comment button, a whole new layout came, instead of the white one. Is it suppose to be like that? I have no clue. If it isn't, the place where I'm commenting now is yellowish and green.

Sorry if I'm being a dork.
The yellow/green is my own layout while the bright white one is the one I'm in the process of finishing (it's only a preview page)

There supposed to be a grey header image saying "your header here" - is it not loading at all?
this is where I spam you with Qs:

what browser are you using? What's you're monitor resolution and are you using windows or a mac?

it's be awesome if you could do a screencap but I'll still try to figure out why it's acting odd...
Click 'Print' key (or 'PrtSc' on some comps) while on the page you want to screencap, then go to some graphic program, like Paint, Photoshop etc. and then click Ctrl+V. That should be it. :D
If you can't do the screencap, don't worry - last Q though - which version of firefox are you using? (You can find that out by clicking "help" and then "about mozilla firefox"
The grey "header" is showing for me. And the layout is very nice. A little too white for my mood right now, but the again it'll go together with every header one chooses. Same goes for the dark version.
Also I like that the font is big enough to be actually read and your "side bar thingy" beneath the header is brilliant. :)
I admit, my eyes tend to burn with too much white in layouts XD However, after bugs are fixes there'll be quick instuctions included for changing the white to colors more less intense. So for the white it'll be possible to use creams, greys and pale pastels and for the dark version it can be replaced with deep blues, chocolates etc.

I just like having my sidebar at the top XD Though I should probably try other things but...bah. One trick pony is me.

*tackles* Thanks for the FB!
The grey header is showing for me too. I use Firefox version 20.0.6. (YAY FIREFOX)

I think I like its minimalist aspect. It looks like a streamlined website; I'm personally not a big fan of a full-white background, it seems to do something negative to my eyes. For me, the white space (if any) needs to have a fairly deep border. I love the one of yours that I use now, I keep forgetting to tell you how extremely delighted I am with it. I thought I'd never change from thefulcrum one I was using, but I love it.
wait, 20? Not 2? LOL!

Switching the white to colored layouts like this can be done in barely a minute. I'll be showing how to change the code :)

Hey, if you're satisfied with one of my layouts after using one of grrliz's I'm ecstatic XD Her stuff is brilliant beyond words and I just started actual coding these past few months.
Ahh thats nice.

and its 20. Because Firefox loves me.

*is smug*

*and fails*

I love simple minimalist designs with a lot of link options, so I might give this a try.

The gray header is showing up for me as well on Firefox v.2.06, by the way. :D
yay, thank you for the note! Hmm, I wonder why it works in some people's firefox and not others...

I've decided to do 4 color schemes (whites, dark greys, tan & browns, medium greys & pinks) and include instuctions on how to change colors :)
Hm, I personally don't like minimalistic and very light colors (I wear glasses and I need stronger colors, stronger contrast, 'cause I can't see well and it hurts my eyes when there is only one color and all over). And why not making it a bit more...cheerful? But not everybody likes colors, so cool it can be edited. :D
Will entry color be separated from the background?

I see grey header.(on both Mozilla and Opera). But I don't see usual scroll bars for tags and links?

The rest looks fine. :)
The boxes only has a few links not tags, therefore no scrollbars showed up. It'll be possible to change the colors to this in barely a minute. So I guess while there are 2 versions, I'll include instructions on how to customize it.

thanks for the fb!
Oh awesome!! I'll probably put azure and yellow, :P

Or some other shocking colors...

You're welcome for fb.

BTW, I hope you don't mind I friended you!
Ooooh, I like it! I love clean, white layouts and I will totally use this one for my icon journal once it's up publicly. Very nice.
A pure white/black/grey layout is perfect for showcasing icons ^__^ - and I'll be making a tan & chocolate one like this for people who like color in their layouts :)
Oh I love it! It's so clean! I have a horrible time looking for layouts that look clean and 'simple' yet aren't 'simple' at the same time (can't explain),I'll definitely use that layout if I ever feel like changing. xD