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I can't help myself

I need to splooge all over lj with my geeky!love for Opera. So yes, please feel free to skip.

Today, the 9.5 alpha version of the browser - Kestrel - was released. The reason it took a whole year was 'cause they were rewriting the code from the ground up. What does this mean? Well Kestrel is damn fast. Like crazy fast. Like faster than the latest Firefox Alpha release (what was it, number 6 or 7?).

There is native synchronization for all bookmarks - so whether you keep or delete or reorganize your stuff, it'll all be synchronized online automatically, immediately. Hopefully this feature will expand in the beta and official release to include toolbar configurations etc. so when you download Opera onto a new machine, it'll automatically arrange and update everything to the way you like it. That would be so cool and hassle free

Kestrel also has support for the new CSS 3 selectors, so there are a number of cool things one can code - like you can have stuff with SHADOWS - up to six of them. If IE and FF get on the bandwagon, OMG, the new lj designs that'll come out will be BRILLIANT. So. Much. Shiny.

I've lost track of the number of times I've googled something, found a cool site, forgot to bookmark it and couldn't find it again. Kestrel has history search - so if you remember even one word from that web page, it'll find it for you *__*

*rips out heart and hands it over to Opera*

The best thing about this release is that it's just the alpha version - there'll probably be more obviously shiny goodies in the beta and final releases. Meaning that by the official release it'll also have very few bugs. That's the only reason I haven't installed 9.5 over my current 9.23 installation. Just in case *something* happens. But I really want to. I want to test the M2 client properly. BUT I WILL HOLD OUT FOR THE BETA, YES I WILL.
Jeez, quit spouting already, you're making me want to go use it. One question, and one only: is it better than using Firefox??? Because I do love my foxy, though it can get slow and sometimes is bloated as all hell :P
The extensions on firefox can make it bloat but I love the developer toolbars on it. Between it and Opera (which I use for primary browsing and mail) I use explorer only to check what new layouts look like in it.

If you're dependent of Firefox extensions stick with it - but if you're ever in the mood for something that gets the job done without complaints, Opera is definitely a good choice.
Will I use all my bookmarks on Firefox if I switch to Opera? All your fangirling of this makes me want to check it out but I have a billion bookmarks and I don't want to lose them D:
You can import all your firefox bookmarks into Opera I think - and I've got a few thousand bookmarks myself, so it should be alright.
Okay, cool. I think I might end up giving it a try tomorrow after class. Does Opera have that fancy feature that allows you to log into your LJ just by clicking on this menu on the bottom of the window? If not, no worries. I can always just use Firefox for whenever I'm RPing or whatever :)
I usually just log in and stay logged in - I never actually have to log off *shrugs* Don't think it has the menu >__>
Aw, that's okay! I'll try looking around and see if it does because if so that would help me LOADS. :)
that's an extension, i believe... LJ Login or summat, but not inherent of firefox. i'm sure there's something similar with Opera, tho.

Yeah, that's what I have! Hopefully Opera has it but if not, I'm sure they'll have something similar soon. Fingers crossed!
i'm really excited about the inline pseudo-classes in CSS3

being able to create CSS-buttons/roll-overs without having to give them class or id names will be nice.

i hate having to change my style sheet everytime i want to keep a certain rollover effect in one entry, only.
NOTE: Opera 9.5 alpha will by default install separately from your previous version of Opera. If you choose to install it on top of your previous installation, please make sure you have proper back-up of Opera and Opera Mail.

LOl I think your safe...

I'm going to give this one a try, I'm a huge fan of firefox... but lets see whats this like.
CSS3, now you're talking. XDDD
*dash of to download*
Support CSS3 and BitTorrent Peer Exchange. Woot!

Though I can't see myself part from the many useful ways of Firefox extensions. Ever. They make life easier. :D
Hello! :D

Just comment to say I friended you :3. Because your LAYOUTS *_*, and the way you explain how to use them is so~ nice? O.o (I'm going to use one soon :3).

Anyways, nice to meet you, and thanks for all the work ^^.

PS: Opera~!!! *___*. Opera is the best browser ever *_*.
I had Opera and it was slow. But then my computer was dying. FF was taking 28mins to open so I got Opera. I loved loved loved the speed dial. I didn't like how it displayed gmail however. But yeah I'll probably download it again. (I reformatted) Although, I do depend on my FF extensions. I just hope it works okay with Windows 2000. (I want to upgrade to vista)