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Book deals and more...

[001] First ladyjaida and now sarahtales - it's scary cool how many fanfic authors are getting published.[002] Icon makers on the f-list have started making some fabulous stock icons. So I'd like to point out velpics, photo posting journal of goneril. furiosity pointed it out recently (♥)There are beyond stunning photographs there. And since she's okay with it, y'all can use the photos to post shiny icons (with credit of course). Some highlights from her flickr account: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

[003] Y'all might remember an ol'd post I did on the issue of friending. I stumbled across this really old post (from 2004!) about spliting the f-list into a reading list. Why hasn't it been implemented yet? Over 1500 people seemed to want it...

[004] amanuensis1 posted a movie script for Half Blood Prince. My god *__*

[005] ETA: This vid just makes me miss Rain like hell :(

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