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Which type are you?

Y'know, I've come to realise that I always end up fangirling the underdog - the person with unrealized potential IMO and who's usually only really hyped in fandom (maybe) - and I ship them with the big name character of the media.

Here's a short list:
  • Chloe (Smallville) - shipped with Clark
  • Faith (Buffy) - shipped with either or both Winchesters (Supernatural)
  • Rogue - shipped with Wolverine (X-Men - movie) or Cyclops (X-Men Evolution)
  • Edmund (Chronicles of Narnia) - shipped with Peter
  • Draco (HP) - shipped with Harry
There are probably more which I haven't thought of at the moment but - can you draw some similarities between the character you love and/or the ships you follow?

ETA: sharona1x2 pointed out another trend: friends/partners/rivals:
  • Heero/Duo (Gundam Wing - 1x2) - closer to Duo
  • Kanda/Allen (D. Gray-man) - closer to Allen
  • Roy/Edward (FullMetal Alchemist) - closer to Ed
  • Sasuke/Naruto - closer to Naruto
  • Harry/Draco - closer to Draco
  • Clark/Chloe - closer to Chloe
So I guess I empathise with the bottoms or the girl in the relationship? GAH.
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can you draw some similarities between the character you love and/or the ships you follow?

Nearly all of my ships are best friends/partners. Heero/Duo (GW), Shishido/Ohtori (PoT), Allen/Kanda (D.Gray-man), Tsuzuki/Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei). Even Roy/Ed fits that pattern, if you stretch your imagination a little. Most of the time, I prefer the secondary character to the main one, with FMA being my biggest exception.

I almost always like the main fandom ship, even though I don't do that on purpose. ^_^
Oh crap, I forgot about the best friends/partners thing *headdesk* and have three of them in common with you (GW, FMA, DGM) Though with the latter two I empathise more with the main characters (Ed and Allen) - though I find the secondary character hotter in a way. That applies to Naruto too now that I think of it (Naruto/Sasuke)

Sometimes I'm lucky to find the ship I follow to be rather big - but with Chloe, fandom is eclipsed by the slashy fan (Clark/Lex). The lack of Chloe makes me sad :(
I think I'm the same, so to speak. It's only my het couples where I fangirl the underdog.

- Chloe/Clark
- Spike/Buffy (Next to Angel, everyone is the underdog, but Spike especially
- Cordy/Angel (I still think of Cordy as the underdog
- Betty/Daniel

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. My slashy couples are often the opposite.
Cordy/Angel? HELL YEAH. I mean, if I think of Angel, the one person I wanted him with was Cordy. Faith...damn, we have to crossover to Supernatural to find a match for her.

I'm hoping that by the end of Ugly Betty, Betty/Daniel is set in stone *hopes* They do good together.
I was soooo miffed at the whole possessed!pregnant Cordy storyline *sighs* I was looking forward to seeing them together. Faith...with Angel kind of works for me too, I have to admit. Ohhh! Fred and Wes!

I can't wait to see Betty/Daniel! Ohh! What about Daniel/Vala on SG1?
I was probably lucky in the fact that I wasn't able to watch the later seasons of Angel - so Cordy/Angel still sounds really, really good to me. Fred and Wes sounds so cute XD

The Daniel-Vala interaction on SG1 is lovely but if I were to read Daniel (favorite from the show) with anyone, it'd be Jack. Vala I kind of see with Cameron actually (especially given their Farscape background, lol)

I still can't figure out who I want Dr. Carson Beckett with - am so glad they're bringing him back on SGA ^____^
Hm, let's see:

Harry/Draco (rivals/opposites)
Tom/Hermione (opposites again?)

Mulder/Scully (best friends/partners)

Edmund/Peter (I always felt a lot of sympathy for Edmund for some reason)

Buffy & Angel verse:
Angel/Cordelia (It seemed to fit, maybe partly because she seemed the only one who'd be able to just shrug off Angel's moods?)
Faith/Willow (I always thought it would have been interesting if they'd both gone dark and joined forces. Luckily that was before I wrote fanfic, or the results would have been cheesy. *g*)

Anyway, overall, I also rarely empathize with the hero/main character. In HP, I find Draco and Neville more interesting than Harry; in Buffy, I liked Cordy, Faith and Willow more, etc...

Y'know, I never saw enough of X-Files to ship Mulder/Scully actively - but they always seemed married IMO XD

I fangirl Edmund as hard as I do Draco - he comes under a lot of heat for his actions in the first book and he never really redeems himself in the eyes of the general public. And it really pisses me off >__< My deepest wish is to be able to read a nice long Ed gen fic or Peter/Edmund fic (♥)

The interaction between Angel and Cordelia has always been awesome.

Faith kicks ass and I wish they'd let Dark!Willow out to play more (though granted, I never saw the season she turned evil)

It wouldn't be hard to like Neville though putting Draco and Neville together still doesn't quite work for me. Now if it were an AU where Neville grew up with his parents or as the BWL - him with Draco would be shiny.

The entire reason I stopped watching Buffy was *because* of Buffy. I ended up watching the ending episodes simply because Faith returned :)
:lol: We share, let me see, a third of said pairings. I think I personally always fall for the slightly mysterious, bot all the more interesting for it hero, who is not as in-your-face perfect as the leading characters... :g:

I have to say, I disapprove of your Roy/Ed :deadpan: You really shouldn't leave Al behind. :g:
I definitly ship Chloe and Clark, but also Chloe and Oliver.

Just wondering, did you have links up to d/l photoshop at one point?
Yup, but they're under f-lock now. You can always snag them via torrents. I might unlock them during the summer but not for long - probably only a weekend.