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you guys...

...why didn't anyone tell me Guild Wars is such a crazy addictive game? I just stayed up the entire night. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch and it was six freaking thirty in the morning.

Ok so I'd been planning on stopping way earlier but...I met this guy. Actually I stood next to him so I could zoom in and get a good view of his guild insignia. But then, lo and behold, an invitation to team up. He gave me some new weapons and helped me kill the stuff I needed so that I could get some brand spanking new armor. And I died several times with...Charr Oakhearts? Not sure - but I'm level 6 and it was an excellent first day experience.

Now I need to actually read the darn manual. Or the wiki, lol.

Way cool.
Yea, it's very addictive. I think I'm going to start with a new character tomorrow. Someone cool. :P
I am currently reading up on second proffessions - chose a warrior for my first build but can't decide between monk (for SUPAH!healing), necromancer (damage+gaininglife) or elemist (high damage/knockdown/slow enemies) for my secondary profession.

War/Monk are the most popular and they seem to have regarded as tanks earlier on in the game (but not anymore?)

War/Elemist are the high damage and knockdown people but they don't have much energy reserves...

War/Necromancers only use one or two skills of the Necro but whether its Spiteful Spirit or Plague Touch (PVP) they seem to allow for more life reserves than Elemists...BUT not as much damage.

AH, can't decide :(

BTW< noticed this entry on the GW Wiki:

Ever done it before?
I almost never play with warriors. I like spells. :) I'm kind of disappointed though that mesmers are kind of weak. I tried playing with one once, and it was really difficult. :(

BTW< noticed this entry on the GW Wiki:
Ever done it before?

Nope, I've never done that. I haven't played that far. I only play once in a while. :D
In almost every other game I've stayed away from Warriors (usually go for Rangers or Wizards) but wanted to give it a try finally. However, can't wait to try elementalists and monks later.

I'm kind of leaning towards Necromancers as a secondary profession simply because I'll never *be* a primary necro (the costumes are so awful ;__;)

Was just wondering - it seemed interesting but ultimately, probably has no point >__>
Are your characters in the presearing or post searing stage of the game? Cause I'd love to play might have to wait till I reach post searing :(
Oh I love that game. It really is addictive, I know what you mean. XD

My brother bought it for my birthday one year so he could have someone he knew to play online with. LOL

I haven't been playing all that often but I did play for a couple hours tonight. The time just flies when I'm playing (hence the not playing too often).
I forced myself to get off the PC cause I just keep...on...playing. So very nuts.

Having family playing it means you can force them to help you carry/transfer stuff to other characters pre searing *__* Damn, I wish I could get my sis to play >__>