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Layouts with layers...

I've always wanted to make a layout that has the CSS codes but also has a theme layer for people who want extra layout tweaks. I've also wanted to branch out from Smooth Sailing and Flexible Squares.

So I started playing around with an Opal layout over here. Now, if you had the option to add/change ANYTHING at all, what would it be?

So far, I'll be (trying to) add hacks in a theme layer for the following:
  • the date will be on the same line as the username BUT aligned right
  • there will be a "GO TO POST" link at the bottom of each entry so people don't have to scroll back up to comment
  • there will be an area right at the bottom for links and stuff (like wordpresss!)
  • the "speak", "read", "add to memories" will be replaced by images or made shorter (MEM, TRACK etc.).
  • the summary, calendar, and links components in the sidebar will be placed along the bottom of the page

Is there anything y'all would like to see in the layout?

The only thing that annoys me in some layouts is that the comment / read buttons are on top. I always have problems finding those if they're not at the bottom of the post. But you said you're already going to fix that. :D
Oh definitely - I've always wanted comment links at the top but then, for the longer entries it becomes counter intuitive to have to scroll up to comment. So yes, definitely going to add a hack for that.

♥ Thanks for the FB :)
But theme layers are for paid accounts right? Well that what you did, looks a bit empty and wide-spread. Like it's missing borders...

But I like that reply and other links are on top of an entry and ideas you mentioned. :D
And Wordpress is much like Opera blogs, don't you think?
The CSS will be for free accounts, the added hack can be installed into paid accounts. So they work for both. So far the preview linked is only CSS though.

I'll probably end up making the borders around entries darker and adding images (for once!) like background, header, gradients etc. Right now I want to focus on the structure et all.

I've always wanted the comment links at the top - smoothsailing and flexisquares don't have that.

Well, I point to wordpress since it's more familiar to the f-list :) Thanks for the feedback!
Heh, I thought it's unfinished - your layouts are sofisticated. :D

No, I didn't mean to say anything about pointing to Wordpress, just that I noticed for the first time they look much like O. blogs (since you're on Opera, you'd know) Just sayin' :D
I don't like sidebars, i'm glad you'll place the links at the bottom :D
Well, i think you could offer different colors schemes...
I guess that's it :)
sorry for bumped in from nowhere m(_ _)m my name is Rey and I have a few questions bout ur layout.. I hope u don't mind ^^
first I wanna ask bout the "scrolling link list". could u tell me how u make it? and also how u divide it? (in ur links, there's layouts, sharing, and support section).. I also want to make a scrolling link list with a few section on it ^^ oh, and u put this codes in the sidebar boxes, right?
my second question is how do u make the tags boxed in ur entries?
again, sorry for asking too much and thx a lot =)
oh and one more thing (or two? ^^) how do u make ur layouts change everytime I clicked one of ur posted layouts? that's so cool! I tend to change my layouts like twice a day ;P so this is smth that I really need ^^ oh but is it only goes with the paid account? I only have a free account T.T
thx again =)
Firstly, I'm not sure which layout you're refering to ^__^'' Are you asking about the one I'm using with the books at the top or are you talking about one of the ones I've designed for sharing?

I hard coded the links at the bottom of my own bookshelf layout into a theme layer - you might get some ideas on how to do that in the s2smoothsailing community. I suggest you check it out for info on what you can and cannot do with the smoothsailing layout.
I means this one u r using, with books on top ^^ thx for the info, I'll try looking there :)
I do not have any suggestions for improvements, for it's 2 am in Austria, just wanted to say that I discovered and mem'd the 'Lines' layout post through scrolling down the test-layout. :)

And yes, I like, when sidebar-thingies (unconnected to where they are actually placed in the layout) turn into scroll-boxes. Like your layout does, with the tags on green_graphics.
I'm constantly missing the cool posts on the f-list unless I visit the ljs individually >__>

One of the pet peeves I have with lj layouts is that by default, tag sideboxes show up with someone with a 100 tags can really make a layout ugly. So I end up hacking the code whenever I can :)