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holler at me XD

Over the summer I've noticed but not really kept track of all the peeps who've been friending my lj.

SO, I wanted to get to know y'all - if you've been lurking around, give me a shout out:
  • Tell me something random about yourself!
  • Anything shiny in your life right now? Or with fandom for you?
  • How'd you stumble across this lj?
  • Any particular reason you're here (hey, I'm all about the shiny - though is it layout joys or h/d love or general fandom squee?)
Um, I think that includes me...

*clears throat*

• I'm lefty, Leo, vegetarian...
• I passed exam few hours ago, so that's shiny right now. :P •Well, my friends delight me every day more and more. And fandom people I meet every day
• Hmm, through mintyapple I think. If I wasn't, then I would probably through sulky_rhino's LJ. :D
• I came here because I followed link from layout comm but I totally squeeeing seeing that you're HP fandomer, and especially H/D shipper! :D ♥

Over and out.

is feeling like i've randomly friended you, so this applies to me.. :P

something random: i used to tell people that i was allergic to grass, coz i didn't like sitting on the ground. :D
also, something not quite so random, i'm from sydney, australia. =)

something shiny: i have less than three weeks left of school for the rest of my life!
(something not so shiny: i'm the deadest i've been in a while. i can't breathe. is sick. T_T)

something stumbley: a link from freelayouts_s2 i think. or some layout thing =)

something reasonable: layout joys got me here, now i'ts just an interesting read :P lol.

*waves some more*
Now officially un-lurking:

Erm- I have double-jointed thumbs!
I have 11 days of high school left. It is scaring the bejeesus out of me because I love school and I don't think I'm all that great at the whole life thing.
I'm pretty sure I found you through mintyapple and that's why I'm here. But fandom works as well!
-I prefer my jewelry to be silver and twisty, like the elvish kind from tLotR
-Harry/Snape is really starting to kill me. (and I'm introducing Cowboy Bebop to someone. Joy!)
-I don't remember. I'm just glad I did
-At first it was H/D joy, but your layouts are really fun to look at!
1. Ilis. 25. Puertorrican living in Chicago. Speak spanish and my english suck, but I try.
2. Today's my birthday!!! that's shiny :p
fandom: Harry Potter, anime, doramas
3. Fallowing the links From freelayouts
4. Your layouts, your optional codes for headers, tinyicons, width, etc. And you are fan of Harry Potter and doramas, so I added you XD.
Hi! I've been lurking for quite some time now...
Something about myself? Wee-eell... I'm kind of a spaz? And I really really adore Draco Malfoy, and also cookie dough. I'm in high school but long for college, and I love to write.
There's not much shiny right now, considering school just started (only been going for a week, yet the days have already started to blur), but let's see. The new Serenity special edition DVD is out, or is coming out, or something, but I will have it soon and that is what matters! If you don't know what Serenity is, you should definitely look it up, it's AMAZING.
I found your lj because I noticed that you'd make really good comments around other fandom journals and I kept following links back here and decided it was a good place to add to my list of LJs to Lurk. I stayed because your graphics are awesome, but mostly because of your RECS. I totally love recs, and you have LISTS of them! And you tend to pimp really fun stuff on your page that I like knowing about, lol.
So anyway... Hello! :)
* i'm a mix of Monica of Friends and Rory of the Gilmore Girls. I love doing list of things to do or just list in general. Yeah, i'm kind of a friki with lists, order and that staff. Also, i don't write in english very well, but i can read it, so it's very probably that i will read you more offend that i will comment you but i promise to give it a shot!

* I just create a lj account so i'm very new in this thing. (this count for shinny? because it's the only thing new and exiting tha i have for the moment)

* My fandoms are spn, qaf, hp, btvs, ats, firefly, tww, x-files, smallville, studio 60 and others including some anime and manga!

* mmmm i got here from looking for layouts and it was just my luck that you have to have the two things the i love more in one place (i mean harry and draco xD)

* h/d would be the main reason why i friend you, but not the only one, you seem like the type of person the i will be easily to chat with (this that make sense?)

* ok, that's all the english that i can write for one post xD
Tell me something random about yourself!
Well, I have a nose and a heartbeat, how's that for random and unexpected?

Anything shiny in your life right now? Or with fandom for you?
If Halloween can be considered a fandom instead of an obsession, then it's almost here! Other than that, Harry Potter is done and I'm terribly sad about that.

How'd you stumble across this lj?
The layouts, stayed for the crazy and the h/p

Any particular reason you're here (hey, I'm all about the shiny - though is it layout joys or h/d love or general fandom squee?)
The layouts, the crazy and the h/p. :)
omgosh, this completely includes me.
I didn't even know I friended you XDD
woo, I haven't been keeping track either.

Tell me something random about yourself!
I eat? I sleep. Yeah that pretty much concludes me. Lol, well I can't describe myself in a little paragraph.

Anything shiny in your life right now? Or with fandom for you?
I'm currently fangirling japanese people, but also the Twilight series with Edward Cullen! X3 nothing else shiny, cause it's always so dull in boring ole houston texas.

How'd you stumble across this lj?
Your beautiful layout making, probably. XD

Any particular reason you're here (hey...)
Well I was looking through my f-list and just thought of commenting :D
1. Humm lets see i can become really obssessive. Like if i find a movie or celebrity that i like i tend to become really obbsessed with them for like a month and then forget about it for ages... that happens with football and cricket on my lj! hehe

2. I am fangirling anything German! The place, the people, the language and the football!

3. I don't actually remember! lol I think it was to do with your lj layouts!

4. Layouts and now i just enjoy reading it! :D
Something random: I wore jeans today for the first time ever. (They were my sister's).
Something shiny: I found three pennies within two minutes yesterday.
Meandered your way through mintyapple, I believe.
I'm mostly here for the layout joys but your fandom squee is also appreciated.
Right. So.

  • Danishes > Timbits. SRSLY.
  • My birthday's coming up next Monday. 8D Oh, and I just discovered the Supernatural fandom; 'tis wonderful. I'm even starting to get sucked into Jared/Jensen, and I usually avoid RPS - but those boys are just too gorgeous to pass by.
  • Was looking for h/d recs.
  • All three! :D
Tell me something random about yourself!
I like Marmite. It actually tastes quite good. :)

Anything shiny in your life right now? Or with fandom for you?
Making stock icons. It's my first time and I'm currently going at it like mad. Fandom: Redscovering the joys of H/D.

How'd you stumble across this lj?
I followed a link for H/D rec list and came here.

Any particular reason you're here (hey, I'm all about the shiny - though is it layout joys or h/d love or general fandom squee?)
At first, it's the H/D list but now it's expanded to the layout and fandom squee.
♥ I love making icons (and other graphics), but I'm crap at it.
♥ Life sucks (I'm ill...), but fandom doesn't, and won't ever. I entered a game like snarry_games, but it includes Snarry AND H/D. Oh, and it's Hungarian. Oh, I am Hungarian :)
♥ First the H/D list of lists, then you were always so clever over at harrydraco :)
♥ Squee and H/D love. And I loved your geekiness with Opera ^^
Hello there :)

In bullets:
--> I've the flu.
--> My cat has discovered I'm back home and is giving me Teh Big Cuddle; it is gradually getting me though being stuck in a depressing story scene (yay for hd_hols!!)
--> via luci0logy, she's love ♥
--> Will you laugh if I say I love going to your main page and hovering over those book-links? :g: And besides, you are a fun person to read. So yeah. :)) Glad I friended.
I'm an endangered species - a Born Texan Democrat
I'm on holidays! No more college until... well, a week.
H/D fic rec
H/D love. And fellow Texan slasher love.