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Fic Rec

If you read only one Star Gate Atlantis fic IN YOUR LIFE, let this be it:

If you look at the original lj fic post, there are 18 pages of comments so far. It is that amazing.

It goes beyond pairings and characters. It's history and life and Atlantis. Damn it - I think I have a crush on cesperanza now.

Notice: Actually, even if you've never seen SGA, approach this fic as an original fic. Or hell, wiki SGA and read the character profiles and then read it. Don't let fandom differences sway you, 'cause brilliant fic is brilliant fic. I just stayed up all night reading this. I can't even put my emotions into words. Bloody hell. It a fic that can make you fall in love with a fandom.

Child of ETA: Y'know, I'm reading all the posts reccing this fic (on technorati) and in the past 6 days since the fic hit the internet there's been this rippling shockwave as a whole fandom stops and kinds of just FLAILS WITH LOVE. It is fabulous.

Grandchild of ETA (y'all knew it was coming): Favorite recs of this fic are here, here and here.
Some author do posses this otherworldly skills. There are a few scant of fanfics that are perfect. Literally speaking of course.

Not watching Star Gate Atlantis, but if I do, I'll give it a try. :)
*flails* Actually, wiki SGA, read the premise and character profiles and then read the fic. It is better than published work. I'd rec it to people as an original read, cause it is that amazing. Yup, this is one of those scant few fics that are PERFECT like, I AM SO GLAD TO BE ALIVE TO HAVE READ THIS PERFECT.

I am so hyped and spazzing right now.

And the SGA fandom has already gone nuts over it - over 200 peeps have saved it on and technorati has over 70 blog posts just LINKING to it. I still can't wrap my head around how much this fucking rocks.
*saves to read during internetless next week*

Only ever seen a couple of eps, but have read spn/sga xover fic which I enjoyed ...

And you always rec (me) good stuff, so I'll trust you and the 18 pages of comments ;D