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I've always wanted to see a realistic take on an AU HP fic where Voldemort never existed - because say what you like, the HP series was always about Voldie. How different would the world have been without the events he set into motion? Or better yet, how similar would it be? How much would the characters we love be altered...yet stay the same?

I've noticed a lot of people hate the idea of throwing canon out the window...I gotta admit though - I love me some AUs, whether they be cracktastic or create a wholly realistic world. And ultimately all of fanfiction is an AU world of what ifs.

Anyway, so if you were going to write a "Voldie? Voldie Who?" fic, what would it be like IYO?
well, i think AU versus 'canon out the window' aren't necessarily the same thing, unless you're referring to non-magical AU.

but, i dunno why i can't get into it... i guess because, if you take out TOO much canon, then they are H/D only in name. and, i'd rather someone wrote something original if they are going to take too much out of the characters....

when people ask me how do I think harry would be like w/o voldy... i usually answer: victor krum. then, instead of reading harry-as-basically-victor stories, i'd rather read victor stories... i dunno.

i know alot of people like the hp-world-as-soap-opera stories... which is how that Lanis author had so many fans...

i just never understood it.

non-magical AU?

read QaF fic instead. Cntrl-F >> Find: Brian >> Replace-With: Harry


For a lot of peeps it seems like AU=disregarding certain things in the books=throwing canon out the window. There are fans who like AUs and those who won't go near them.

I have seen AUs where the author has changed everything so they're unrecognizable and slapped on the names of HP characters. But I want realistic AUs - change a single part - what is Voldie never existed - and what's the ripple effect?

So if you were reading Victor fics in a VVW setting, what would it be like?

And no, not non-magical AU - but just a fic with a single what if...
okay, so not non-magical AU...

hrmmm... just no Voldie...

well, actually, i bet it'd be an extension of James-era Hogwarts... meaning, I'd bet Harry would be a fuckin' prick. The Wesley Twins are mean, certainly... but Harry's father was a C O C K and, unless Lily managed to tone him down, I bet he and Sirius would gush over Harry so much, Harry wouldn't be able to be anything BUT spoilt.

in fact, i bet the Harry-Draco dynamic would turn into a 'who can be more spoilt than the other'... in fact, i'd LOVE to read a fic like that!!!

(or mayb ewrite it... NO NO NO must... finish... Colin-lives... story... must.. .finish....)

but, if i WERE to write it, that would be it. and, tho' it would be funny, there'd be a near-tragedy thing much like The Prank.. only Draco would probably really be hurt, sending a ripple affect between the Malfoys and the Potters and maybe even cultivating in a major backstory-Romeo and Juliet type thing... backstory meaning, we see Romeo and Juliet AFTER their families have stopped OVERTLY fighting, because the gov't told them to stop... but they had been at literal war before the start of the story... so... that...)

as far as Viktor fics... ~shrug~

i've never read one that deals with his life... i think the idea of creating an entire school system, classmates, non-HP-mirroring rivalries, professors, etc is daunting for most of us -- myself included.

I'd love to read one, tho... and one for Gabrielle in Beauxbatons... :)

in fact, i bet the Harry-Draco dynamic would turn into a 'who can be more spoilt than the other'...

*falls over* Good grief, the cracktastic awesomeness of that is scary. And Harry would still pwn Draco in quidditch so there's no doubt there'd be rivalry on that end at the very least.

Hmm, I really don't know how deep repercussions would be in the families for something like The Prank - in the MWPP era the only ones effected were Severus and the gang - and even when Harry cast Sectumsempra on Draco, he pretty much got away with it scott free...though it might definitely change things between Harry and Draco in the very least.

The lack of gen in this fandom is depressing :(
well, to Lucius' credit, he was already in jail. when he got OUT of jail, he was worried about the Voldy-Manor-Invasion...

but, had Harry done something like that in, say, PoA (just to get a perspective), Lucius would have gone apeshit... he had an animal sentenced to death for knicking his son, after all.

mentioning The Prank was just to remind us that Harry comes from a selfish, spoiled, closed-minded (in a way) father. Harry could certainly have been mean-pre-Renaissance!James, only next level.

so, you could, for instance, completely write a story where Harry takes to the twins' antics, but doesn't have their penance and is more cruel and Draco gets seriously hurt...

then, you could take it a step further and keep The Potters' as Dumbly's favourite, which sends Lucius on a tizzie to REALLY get Dumbly sacked... but still, it could set in motion a series of events that could end up with the Ministry saying "look, bitches -- either you stop hexing each other in public or we're going to snap your fuckin' wands..."

then, Albus is born... (it would not be Albus-Severus, obviously) and Scorpius is born... and they end up being the Romeo and Juliet bit...

so, yo ucould tell the story in Two Acts (Three if you want to deal more with MWPP-era).

Act I: Harry-Draco Rivalry Turned Ugly
Act II: Redemption of Family via AS/S love


i've just given out one of my best plot ideas for all the world to see... no matter, i don't think i have the strength to write it--it would be a Herculean task, unless you're going just for the crack'ness of the spoilt!Harry vs spoilt!Drco bit.. which could be fun... but really... if someone were to do this... they should do it right.

it could be MAJORLY funny without being cracktastic... and it could certainly be tragic (or a happy ending) via AS/S-era.


you should do it.
Lucius probably would try something but then we'd also have James and Lilly on the other side - who I can't help but think would have become powerhouses in their own right. So yeah, you'd kind of have the pureblood idealists vs the muggleborn sympathisers? And they'd probably be represented in a way by the Potters and Malfoys. I wonder where Snape would be in all of this...

I don't know if it'd be the Ministry who'd take action or Dumbledore actually...

BUT it really depends on who's writing it - I don't have a writing bone in my body so...yeah.

I actually want to see this as a comic strip now - Act I, MWPP era, Act II harry vs draco and Act III Scorpius + Albus = cracky end. Definitely make me snicker.

yeah, i've bounced this idea off of some friends just now (read my recent entry on some of the ideas since replying to you that i've come up with). everyone's clamoring for crack... and, i'm sorry, in my mind, AS and/or S is already dead... poor lad(s). ;-)

Lucius probably would try something but then we'd also have James and Lilly on the other side - who I can't help but think would have become powerhouses in their own right.

that's why a war starts... you have these two powerful families going at it... and you would HAVE to have Harry IN THE WRONG. Lucius would, in this case, HAVE to actually be in the right.

Lucius says: harry needs to be punished severely.

Dumbly says: meh. i like me some harry.

Lucius goes: apeshit. Demands Dubly is sacked.

James says: fuck you... and defends Dumbly.

James could also no longer be an auror... maybe he's an official now. So, you have Influencer!Lucius fighting with Official!James... this goes on and on.

Meanwhile, harry may be truly sorry. Draco's having none of it. the rivalry intensifies... maybe Draco does something that gets Ron hurt. Now, Harry was the righteous anger on his side.

By the time they are out of hogwarts and in their 20s, they HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE each other. Like, sometimes getting drunk in a pub and hexing each other in public.

THe ministry steps in... things chill... the families still hate each other... Albus and Scorpius come to school, their families hate each other, but they don't really speak of the other that much... so, A+S do the fall in love thing... blah blah

So yeah, you'd kind of have the pureblood idealists vs the muggleborn sympathisers?

hrm... that wouldn't NEED to be the focus-- or the major point of antagonism-- but Lily's muggleblood status could certainly come up in Draco's verbal lashings.

In fact, you're right... part of Lucius' machinations could be the passing of various Blood Status bills... hrmmm... that would certainly fuel the animosity.
Honestly, if the Malfoys and Potters got into a feud, the rest of the wizarding world would probably take sides simply based on whose ideals they support.

And honesty? If there never was a Voldie, I'm thinking there'd be a lot of people feeling threatened by the increasing number of muggle borns entering the wizarding world - they'd want to 'preserve their culture' so to speak. So...the politics and social aspect of it would make for interesting reading.
So...the politics and social aspect of it would make for interesting reading.

that's very true. the sentiments were already there, just the extreme that voldy brought to the table...

Just to throw in my two cents (and this is really related to the beginning of the whole thread, but I'm just gonna tack in on at the end here to keep things neat), what if you had it so Harry's parents actually DID die in a car crash? And then Harry wouldn't be an asshole at all. I mean, remember how meek and desperate he was at the beginning of the series, before he really knew how famous he was? All he'd be was some random orphan kid with a fucked-up muggle family that no one knew. I think THAT would be VERY interesting... would Ron still try to befriend him if he didn't have fame on his side? What about the dynamics of his relationship with Draco, or Dumbledore, or Snape, or EVERYONE? Would he still get on the Quidditch team or would he just get reprimanded? Would he ever have stood up to Draco in the first place? I dunno, there's a lot to think about...
I can't help thinking this would kind of switch Neville and Harry around, where Neville would have a family and Harry would be the one who never really gets the attention in school.

Certain things about harry might stay the same or similar (the remembrall scene peraps) but I really doubt Draco would have paid attention to him and Ron would have really noticed him.

I'm betting he would get on this team 'cause skill is skill and his father would still be remembered as a great quiditch player.
I think I've read a few fics where Voldemort never existed (or Tom never turned bad), I just can't remember them at the moment. :) I love AUs too! :D
Y'know, I think the thing is I've never seen the Big Name Authors do something that AU *seriously* - I mean, sure Maya did Ravenclaw!Draco - but to get rid of the villain kinda changes the whole equation and it really makes me wonder how things would be altered.

But it's easy to get carried away and change the story so completely that it doesn't feel like HP anymore - which is what I've seen with past AUs. So I'd love a balance, take the characters we know and change a part of their history and track the changes in their own lives.
I have three fics on my rec list, which still have magic, but where Voldemort never existed. Or at least as far as I remember he didn't. :)

Hedge of Thorns and its sequel Only Castles Burning by earthquake1906
The songs you grow to like, never stick at first by megyal
Things That Seem by maeglinyedi


Have you seen the list of H/D AU fics by alicambs? :) You might find a few more there. :D I check that list so often, hehe. :D

Oh, and I think painless_j has a list of AU fics too. :)
In the Hedge of Thorns verse Voldie still left a big mark on Harry's life by killing off his parents :(

I think I missed megyal's fic so I'm going to read that today - I still want semi- epic fics ala copperbadge or mistful which are looooong and epic and kind of are alternate canon haha.

Things that Seem was prony and a bit cracky and made me bounce but also want something with a bit more...realism? IDK.

I will now go looking for the AUs on the lists :P

I totally forgot that about Hedge of Thorns. Well, at least it a fic that's a bit different from other AUs. :D

I still want semi- epic fics ala copperbadge or mistful which are looooong and epic and kind of are alternate canon haha.

That sounds nice!! I want those too! :(
Honestly, that one always seemed to have more pr0n and crack that I was actually looking for, lol.

I love copperbadge's AU, Laocoon's Children @ sam_storyteller. He took the characters we know, changed a bit of history and showed us the ripple effect. I mean, Hufflepuff!Draco is scary awesome.
haha, well crack and porn are right up my alley, so I didn't complain at the time. XDD I love AUs like that though, that change one thing and it effects everything else a little, but not entirely (like Stealing Harry or If You've a Ready Mind). However, that's the only good "Voldemort, who?" I've read :x

Oh don't get me wrong, reading that fic got me all bouncy...and then a bit mopey since I still hadn't found what I really wanted.

I love AUs like that though, that change one thing and it effects everything else a little, but not entirely

YES, YES, EXACTLY. And if it's not cracky people can always write fanfic based off of that universe so it rocks no matter what -____-
I would like to read one too, but I like post-war fics and such, it adds such drama!