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amanuensis1 posted a James/Scorpius drabble for me O__O - I haven't felt this good since I read my first J/S bit by meiface

sulky_rhino and I aren't really all that great with naming stuff XD We need a name for a new comm - it'll be used to host a survey for new H/D fandom favorites - would anyone have any suggestions? All I can think of is hd_fandomfaves :(
Sorry for deleted comment, I realised (from your description in entry) that you're thinking of something different with that comm idea...forget what I posted. :P

I must stop replying so fast and early in the morning, before I had coffee...:/
haha, it happens to all of us...several times a say too >__>

Coffee is good - very good.
Hey, I just wanted to ask you something, since you're good with layouts. I have problems with the little icons (lj user & community)... I see that it's the same in your journal. There's just this tiny orange line instead of the icons. Do you know why that is? :/
I think there's a glitch with LJ at the moment - or maybe a bug with the smooth sailing layouts across LJ? Hopefully it shall be resolved soon >__>
I just had the weirdest sense of deja vu, when I read this post. *shakeshead*