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[001] Are your custom user/comm pics not showing? LJ has edited their code so if you want to see your mini-icons again, you need to make adjustments, as xtranew (♥) points out. Thank you lj for fucking with my weekend. I did not want to have to go through all my layers and individual css style sheets and fix the code that you've broken for me.

[002] Snaps cup meme - with me here. Make this moment less shitty

[003] kawaii_not makes life cute and snarky again.

[004] tarie pointed out that Barak has resigned from 6A. Could this lead to less LJ wank in future? Let's hope so.

[005] First my sis and now shabzilla - I want a salwar kameez ;_; People need to stop showing me all the pretty colors and designs.

[006] Okay, name the short term survey comm sulky_rhino and I are doing for the selection of fandom favorites:
Poll #1055693 Name that comm!

Y'all should name the community:

TICKY BOX (i.e. the choices suck)

[007] The 20 facts meme now has a James/Scorpius twist! Two sets of facts that had me bouncing earlier: here and here

[008] I began searching for SGA icons and ended up joining lantis_lims - won't last long but might learn some tricks:
Ebay is a good source for s-k's and saris. I've recently bought 2 beautiful saris to use at school, both for 95 pence - $2.

Good luck with your re coding this weekend.
I think I have a phobia of buying clothes without trying them on :( Oh, if only there were a way to *know* if an outfit would FIT before buying it...

Thanks - will be tackling it tommorrow morning...
I see what you mean with a s-k, although the 'trouser' part of the ensemble will have a draw string waist.
oh yes, the trousers have never been an issue - except for length - am short :(
Thanks for the info! Hm, I noticed that thingy with tiny icons but I went ahead and changed padding. So, should I go back to the padding as it was before but adding !important; or I can leave it this way (with much bigger padding)? So, next time I want to put tiny icons, I out the normal padding but just add !important;, not putting huge padding numbers?

Sorry, to bother you, but you're the only person I know I could ask about it :/

Lol, I voted for poll_me_hd and hd_fandomchoice but when I saw that last option I thought it was hd_ticky_box which sounded good to me :P
In the long run, just add !important instead of adding extra padding/margins to the mini-icons - this will make it easier for the layouts to transfer to the lj clones too IMO (if you mirror your lj)

hd_ticky_box FTW, lol. I think we're gonna go with fandomchoice in the end :) Thanks for voting!
Thanks for the adjustment. My pretty pretty icons are back...but LJ couldn't have sent out a lil warning? Jeez, man.

And I voted yay tickybox!
lj users should be defined by the "yay, tickybox" philosophy XD

Didn't they fudge up the layouts last year and cause everyone headaches during fall? Though I have to admit, that bit of wank was what got me to start doing layout designs >__>
I just Like to click on the ticky box but I like HD_Pollbooth cause Maybe you can put H/D in a poll booth and show them doing stuff to Each other.
*facepalm* Now I'll never get that image out of my head - it's like all those ol' superman comics/movies where he'd change in a phone booth - only now, it's H & D playing around...oye.
[001] ♥

[002] Nay. I'll shower you with love on other occasions. Meme isn't my thing, sadly.

[004] Somehow I don't think this is a good news. Really.

Have a good weekend my dear. :)

There will always be hope - though LJ makes me so cynical and jaded. I know in another year fandom is going to be running for the hills...

Weekend = sleep. Tis wonderful :)
Me again with yet another question. I've just noticed that on hd_inspired it doesn't say how many comments
there are to a post. I have looked on the 'customize your journal' section, but cannot see how to add this feature. Sorry.
I think it might've been me that caused it. I'd noticed that many people had more interesting text rather than 'read' and 'comment'. Someone has Slytherins and Gryffindors. Another has stroke me, so I wanted to have something like I've been inspired for the actual comments and inspire me to make a comment. I altered it myself.

The journal now says no' read and 'inspire me'. Is it possible to have 23 have been inspired rather than Read 23?
Oh yes, then change it to:

1 had been inspired // # have been inspired

Though I'd recommend keeping it short to prevent the layout from possibly braking. If the layout does break, try this instead:

1 inspired // # inspired
Barak resigned? Does it say why? Should we send him a goodbye gift of porny HP art? :P
n_n hi, i was checking the poll you mentioned O_O i love h/d fics but seriously *O* there's a lot of fics i haven't read yet.

oh and the name thingie i liked the hd_fandomchoice, i add you to my f-list, so that you know, cause i read your profile n_n

by the way n_n i like your layout
Hey, I recently changed my layout. Now I would like to change the usericon and community icon as well and I saw a blue version of the pink one you are using. I know you made the little icons, so I was wondering if you'd give me a link so I can put them in my own CSS code. Of course I will credit you for them. ;)