Goss (gossymer) wrote,

If you like slash clap your hands ^__^

Took a bit of time to reread some old favorites in the Gundam Wing universe. When it comes to AU fanfics, few fandoms can rock the boat as much as this one - while as the same time adhering to the Hero/Duo (1x2x1) OTP.

Why is this the best thing since icecream for the regular slasher? They read like original slash in so many ways.

There is little that is as wonderful as Blue Soaring's Dance with the Demons - an AU of the likes of Anita Blake except unlike Anita Blake, it doesn't suck. And its slash so what more does one need? If you don't normally read GW, think of it as original slash if you'd like ^__^

Another AU from the GW fandom that made me smile through the weekend like I was on a sugar high was PlaidDragon's The Chibi Problem.
I promise you, you have *never, EVER* read anything like it and I doubt you ever will. Seriously. Its all kinds of awesome. I can't even describe it without sounding hokey so I'm not going to try. Just. Go. Read. At least the first chapter to get hooked.

On a closing note, after reading the latest Viewfinder chapters I've been hoping to get more familiat with the fanfiction...I wonder if anyone has anything to rec?
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