Goss (gossymer) wrote,

icon meme - down to six

meme gacked from bzzinglikeneon

Remember your first LJ? The free one with only six icons? In this meme, you have to choose and post the six icons you would keep if you had no choice but go back to the six limit. They don't have to be in your list of icons you're using right now, but you have to explain why you choose those specific six.

BTW - I know it's not really 6 but...I'm a sheep who will copy/paste ANYWAY.

Maker: _rhea

Autumn!stock icons are amazing beyond words.
Alternative #1
Maker: _rhea

For after autumn...
Maker: tikketyboo

sleep deprivation+kitty cat=♥
Alternative #2
Maker: pixation

I can't say goodbye to ducky yet ;__;
Maker: lon_gina

threadless!icons FTW 
Maker: broomsticks

food fixation - nuff said.
Alternative #4
Maker: sushicolour

no words XD 

caffeine and sugar, all in one icon 
Maker: aozu_deluxe

...that is just very me.
Maker: watchpoint

I obviously cannot count.

Tags: meme

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