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FullMetal Alchemist: after canon :)

This is for aoifeic - some useful FMA!fandom links - primarily for Teh Fic.

Fic RecsFanart on DeviantARTOne thing that's probably unique to the FMA fandom, are the AU worlds that have been created by killer!bunnies. There are whole communities dedicated to them, one of which is the alter_series - you can read about it in the user info and read the canon fics here.

There are two main archives I'm familiar with: scimitarsmile and toukakoukan

Ship Manifestos: Roy/Ed (♥), Ed/Al and more...

FMA Rec ListsHopefully, that'll be a good base to start out from. The fic recs are particular favorites of mine and I didn't see the point of waxing poetic about them, when the rec lists manage to do it for me, and with far better wording XD
That first artist has some of the most gorgeous FMA art I've ever seen. Wow. Just wow. *dies from happiness overload*
Yeah and she's done quite a bit of post-canon art i.e. Al with long hair. I love the sense of brotherhood in the pics :)
Oh FMA, I have such love for this series. ♥ Sometimes I go back and hunt for good fic, but it can be so difficult...I love links. :D scimitarsmile is an awesome place, as is all of ciceqi's stories.
I definitely get the link problem - there isn't even a newbie guide on lj! Though at least there are ship manifestos...

I'm playing vids of FMA from now 'cause the fanfic brought back so many memories ;__;
Ooh, FMA. :D To be honest, the series itself was so immensely satisfying, fandom didn't even cross my mind after I finished it.

But that's probably 'cause I became more of a Roy/Ai shipper.
I was EXACTLY the same - though after browbeating bookshop/Aja into watching the series, there was a call for fanfic - and so I had a couple of bookmarks on my PC :)

While I'm primarily a Roy/Ed shipper, it's not to hard to see Ed with other peeps too >__>
Yaaaaaaaaay, more recs. (and stories to read) *giggles*

I love FMA (and used to be 'in' with the fandom, but the fangirls scared me away...). I still keep in touch with a few ppl (and one of the VAs) but that's about it. Sad...

lol, enjoy!

Never really was officially 'in' the fandom but did spend time going through links and fic earlier on. I thought the FMA fandom was smaller than HnG and therefore even less likely to have wank...
I just saw these! You made me a very very happy woman! Thanks so much, sweetie! You are the best! I am so going to clear my weeknights for these gems!

*glomps and lix*
Working on upgrade for Scimitar, and just discovered a nifty feature of WP is that it tells me when someone's linked to the site. (Heh, the things I learn.) So I figured I'd give you a head's up that once the site has been fully switched over, all your links are going to be broken. Sorry. On the plus side, anyone following the links will be redirected to the new site, so at least there won't be a 404. On the down side, it's still a large archive (or maybe it just seems really really large to me right now), so I suspect some folks -- like me, fine -- might get confused.

So just an FYI, to keep your eyes out for move to 3.0, and finally with cross-referenced and searchable notes, warnings, genres, pairings, etc etc and so on. Whew!