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What the F***

The Scotty in the new Star Trek prequel movie is going to be Simon Pegg? WHAT?

I love the guy but as *SCOTTY*? What happened to Paul Mcgillion? Despite the huge movie budget the casting for this movie seems to getting very weird. I can't help seeing this as a parody rather than a serious take on a prequel >__>

So glad the week is almost over - have been missing LJ ;__;
What? Really?

*sighs* I guess whoever they cast will be wrong. To be honest I wish they'd just leave it alone - no one else can be Kirk or Spock and a parody is the last thing I want to end up with.
I was hoping this revamp would follow the lines of the Doctor Who series where each new actor takes the role of the Doctor and makes it his the series moves with the times...

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case here :( If only they'd go for people who capure the essence of the characters rather than just those who look good/are popular at the moment...