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What the F***

The Scotty in the new Star Trek prequel movie is going to be Simon Pegg? WHAT?

I love the guy but as *SCOTTY*? What happened to Paul Mcgillion? Despite the huge movie budget the casting for this movie seems to getting very weird. I can't help seeing this as a parody rather than a serious take on a prequel >__>

So glad the week is almost over - have been missing LJ ;__;
Hmm, somehow I think Robbie would be even less likely than Robin, due to lack of acting experience...
But IMO he would have had the right looks as well as the macho attitude. Anyways, when thinking about the new film, all I can think of is "Parody" as well.
After Daniel Radcliffe, I've realized that even if one looks the part, without the acting chops, it doens't really matter *sigh*. Yeah, the movie is definitely not going to be anything as awesome as the original or the later series.

I think I'm going to watch some ST: Voyager eps now >__>
Personally I think he would be a good actor. But then I am a biased fangirl. ;P (Although think he would have been a great Christian in Moulin Rouge. Not that Ewan MacGregor wasn't awesome.)
*off to watch some Robbie videos on youtube* :)