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What the F***

The Scotty in the new Star Trek prequel movie is going to be Simon Pegg? WHAT?

I love the guy but as *SCOTTY*? What happened to Paul Mcgillion? Despite the huge movie budget the casting for this movie seems to getting very weird. I can't help seeing this as a parody rather than a serious take on a prequel >__>

So glad the week is almost over - have been missing LJ ;__;
But IMO he would have had the right looks as well as the macho attitude. Anyways, when thinking about the new film, all I can think of is "Parody" as well.
After Daniel Radcliffe, I've realized that even if one looks the part, without the acting chops, it doens't really matter *sigh*. Yeah, the movie is definitely not going to be anything as awesome as the original or the later series.

I think I'm going to watch some ST: Voyager eps now >__>
Personally I think he would be a good actor. But then I am a biased fangirl. ;P (Although think he would have been a great Christian in Moulin Rouge. Not that Ewan MacGregor wasn't awesome.)
*off to watch some Robbie videos on youtube* :)