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To save time: LIMS list

Mainly for me (since I keep losing track of them, and to get my skips) and a bit for you (in case LIMS are your thing):

Currently competing in...

Open For Sign-ups Tracking for future rounds...Are there any LIMS comms y'all keep track of?
Yayyyy :DDD

Anyway as much as I'd like to stay and discuss icons and JE, I'm off to sleep, night hon <3
I'm an idiot (we'll just take that for granted), but what's a LIMS?

Last Icon Maker Standing contest - where people get voted off each week like a reality tv contest XD

That's actually very funny. :) Seems like it would be loads of fun (and work)!

Thanks for cluing me in!
Just stopping by. Love your icons and journal. I friended you, feel free to friend back if you like, if not that's cool, too. Have a great day.
I just wanted to drop a line since I added you, because you're recs are wonderful. And while I was looking at your icons, I noticed that I am using one of yours. You must have change your username after I credited. (I changed it btw.) Anyway, before I really start babbling, "hi, nice to 'meet' you" :)