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Fic Recommendation!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN - and it's all because of a fic.

So, quick rec: an original slash fic by aggybird: FrankInLove. Dracula Jr. and Frank (the oddly normal son of Frankenstein) get together. It's a oneshot fic that is a lovely meaty (!) length, and there are so many lines that were just GOLDEN.

Not to mention, the author started up a follow up with Drake's brother, Greg (who might just hook up with a phoenix XD) - and it's just as awesome.


Oh and I owe e-mails and replies by the boatload - thankfully, the weekend is almost here so...*hopes*. Sulky - I'll be on Y!M tom!

*hates on college*
icon love
totally off topic - but this is one of the best icons i've seen in ages... made me spit my milk out..
Re: icon love
thanks! It's a long time fave of mine, though it sometimes gets substituted with this icons *points at current icon*
Hey, thanks for the rec! I'm glad I could bring a little extra fun to the Halloween season for you. (It is probably my favorite time of the year, because I have such an unhealthy love of monsters. Give me a green, warty man any day.)

Here's hoping the sequel doesn't disappoint! ^^
The fic totally embraced the spirit of Halloween for me - there were lines that were creepy and hillarious and just clicked with the season so, yay!

The sequel feels even better in a way 'cause we can still enjoy the original characters along with the new romance. Are you planning on completing it in time for All Hallows Eve?
I learned a long time ago that the only way for me to survive Halloween was to laugh at monsters. I think some of those old spooky B-movies are some of the most awesome films out there. My monster stories are their gay homage. ;)

Oh man, I'll be lucky if I finish this story by Christmas: it's sprawling.