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I am so happy ;__;

Despite being in Texas, I can now listen to one of my favorite english radio channels from home - 92 FM - click to hear

It was one of the first english channels in Dubai, and while I'd love to get a clear signal for Radio 2 - 99.3FM (Classic Hits from 80s and 90s) or 104.8 Channel 4 FM, THIS IS STILL AWESOME. So, new bookmark.

It feels amazing to just listen to radio from home - and not have to hear the same songs every few hours...US radio drives me crazy >__< I missed my Brit Pop! And 80s music! EEEE.

*hums to Pink Floyd while working in excel*

ETA:I'd forgotten how radio news could actually talk about stuff important internationally rather than just in local towns...O__O
I'd forgotten how radio news could actually talk about stuff important internationally rather than just in local towns...O__O

I've got one word for you, honey: NPR. I don't know how I lived without it before. It may seem boring at first (it's mostly a news channel, though it's got regular features about musicians and so on), but delivers a great mix of local and international news, and has several hugely awesome programs.
I know how you feel. I am a Brit living in America and i can't stand the radio here. The only time i listen to it is in the shower or when i am driving, but i try to use my ipod or cd.... American radio is the biggest piece of poo i have ever listened to! lol So glad that i can get radio 1 online!!! Saves my life!
Ooh, radio - good idea! :D I was just thinking of listening to something, but I don't feel like listening to anything on the computer or mp3 player... But listening to a radio station is a really good idea! I even think I can listen to some radio stations from home. :D

Btw, how's the comm work going? :)
I love internet radio! *smiles*

Just wanted to let you know this is aoifeic. I'm back and I friended you on my new journal! :)
It's great you can rediscover the joys of Boyzone and Five.
What are you doing for Thanksgiving and Christmas? I'm keen to know / tailgate.. send me an email!
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this is your reminder to get your wenham_lims icon in for tonight (or early tomorrow morning), and btw- your layout it amazing!
Re: Wenham_lims Icon
Have submitted the entry :) Glad you like the layout! I did it for the last LJ Reboot Round and was definitely a learning experience, haha
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I have no talent with layouts- really I do not- I just blindly stumble my way though them, lol. this one is lovely!!! kudos ;)
Scratch that! Apparently members who were sorted in in your batch are getting a reprieve as the period after yours was short. :)

Edited at 2007-11-13 04:39 am (UTC)
Crap, I thought I'd sorted enough apps - how many were needed for for those sorted into houses in October?

Also, what about Hogmeade entries and the contests for this week? Would the entries submitted still be considered or will they be pulled? Will I be able to see the voting posts/results or will that not be possible till next term?

EDIT: just got the edit, lol - am very relieved :) I remember I had the final batch of apps waiting to be sorted but never got around to sorting them in that last week >__<

Edited at 2007-11-13 04:43 am (UTC)
I'm not sure on new sortees, but either way we had you down as having sorted zero. :-\ Still! You're still ok. For next term your requirement will be 30 for the whole term.

And yes, you're all ok regarding Hogsmeade. :)
huh? I know I orted almost all the entries in thesorting period immediately after my sorting, so that would be around 6 to 12? I thought those in the last sorting periods needed to sort about 5-10 apps?

Soory about the noob questions ^__^;;
You're absolutely right! The two lists in the tally disagree with each other. You were marked down for having sorted 16, but then you're on the expulsion list with 0. It was likely just a typo. I'm having the prefect who did the tally look into it for me. :) I apologize for all of this!
Oh, thank goodness! It's alright - at least I'm figuring out how things work, lol.