Goss (gossymer) wrote,

LIMS progress

I gave up on attempting Nanowrimo but I tried to keep up with the LIMS. Even hogsmeade weekend at H_E was limited to the icon contests :( Bah.







Since last LIMS update:

[+] Mod' Choice @ potc_lims (Round 5: Challenge 1)
[-] Eliminated from sexmeupjohnnys (Round 1: Challenge 1)
[+] Mod's Choice @ serenity_lims (Round 3: Challenge 1)
[+] Community Choice @ serenity_lims (Round 3: Challenge 2)
[-] Eliminated from lantis_lims (Round 3: Challenge 7)

Current LIMS: 8

Experimenting with new styles means that I'm going out of my comfort zone and really putting myself out there - Lantis!LIMS was definitely the exact opposite of my own norm so I'm pleased I was able to stay in the game so long...plus, I'm getting feedback on icons so I know what works and what blows ^__^

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