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definitely a slash junkie.

[001] Internet browsers as cars

[002] Looking back at October, the shiniest moment was checking my mail and seeing the package from snail_mail_porn. Now if you enjoy slash, getting fic in the mail IMO, is a win-win situation so check out the comm for future goodies. The authors have also posted the fics there for us to enjoy!

[003] It's scary how much I can relate to aggybird's week in review *hates on The System*

[004] megaupload premium account + = unlimited anime (Rurouni Kenshin! And Slam Dunk! And asian dramas and movies...and hentai and games too, *facepalm*)

[005] I've watched Saiyuki but never really got where it was going in the end. It takes fanfiction by ciceqi to go "HELL YES" and really *get* the spirit of it. So if you ever feel the urge to read Saiyuki!fic, check out If and it's sequel, And. The characterization is spectacular and the story is IT.

[006] A call for submissions for short stories with m/m content for an all m/m anthology

[007] If you read yaoi, you can download not only the first three volumes of Denkou Sekka Boys here but also the sequel 2 volumes and a doujinshi here.

[008] Square watermelons o__O

[009] I don't usually go for manips but this Akame!pic by bittersweet_bun is rather lovely.

[010] I might have forgotten to mention it hogwarts_elite application? The votes towards the end brought me back into Puff!teritory now a former Claw. Though the first time I sorted peeps I ended up putting "Ravenclaw" in my subject heading *headdesk*. Am adjusting though - it helps to have an adorable mascot *hugs badger*
005 - Thanks for the Saiyuki fic rec. It's been ages since I last read any Saiyuki fic.
I'm very into 39 when it comes to Saiyuki...but finding really good fic seems hard. Or maybe I haven't really waded through the fandom enough...

In any case, do hope you enjoy the fic! It's nice and long and definitely hit the spot for me :)