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Some icons I made for maderr

  photo by funkapotamus@deviantART

 art by skiedragon@deviantART

  art by mree @ deviantART

The following icons use stock images from


Now that voting for hogsmeade_elite is done here are my icons. I had screencaps of Draco from ages back and I couldn't look for new caps in the time it was all about Draco.

 [ Character in another house ]

 [ Flood color icon]

 [ 200 x 200 icon ]
Oooo I voted for the first and third. How totally cute was little!Draco? :D
*__* Like the first and the third draco-icon veeeery much *__*

*gives a choco-cake*
*goes away drooling over some nice smut-fics with draco as the main character *
haha, the screencaps brought back memories :)

Oddly enough, I'm in a mood for pr0n too >__<
muahaha xD
who cant be in the mood for p0rn while seeing Draco?

and yeah, they brought back very good memorys for me too.
Watching the first movies in the cinema in a room just for myself, 'cause I went in 4 weeks after they were out **
I could awww and cuuute and drool all i wanted XD
I loved your Ravenclaw Draco - I voted for it :)