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3 weddings and only one pretty dress

[001] Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Even if you don't celebrate this holiday, I hope you have a good day in any case :)

[002] Personally, the highlight of the week is going to be Black Friday - I've got 3 weddings in Dec/Jan back in India and it's practically a giant family reunion. So basically, dress to impress the folks. Will be hitting JC Penney at 4am and Dillards at 7am. I only have one outfit currently, from Macy's red apple sale. I drove to San Marcos' Prime and Tanger outlets yesterday but there wasn't anything in my style or any where near my price range (it figures the stuff people actually want costs over $120)

[003] furiosity getting kidnapped by aliens yesterday? Had me laughing and spraying water over my screen XD

[004] ladyjaida is doing a raffle, to give away advanced reader's copies of her book! OH MY GOD. I was almost greedy enough not to want to tell y'all, but that little voice inside me kept reminding me to share the love. So go and try your luck! And if you win... perhaps you could lend the book out after you finish reading it ♥

[005] Saw this on the f-list and it's been so long since I did one of these...

Probably the best Naruto!cast fanart, EVER. The description the artist included is funny too, haha
That art is pretty damn cool and looks hella complicated!!!

Good luck on finding dresses for weddings~ WEAR INDIAN SUITS AND TAKE PICTURES ;DDD
The first thing runninf through my head was how the heck did they all get in THAT situation, lol.

Whering indian suits would mean pwnage by my cousins who live in india (who probably know exactly where to get the gorgeous outfits) so...will stick to the frocks XD
I loved the alien post too. :D

And hey--you go, you genius you. Haha. I got a "genius" score too, which was fun though I suspect undeserved.
Aliens FTW!

Somehow I suspect these tests are quite skewed XD But *wears genius!hat* It's fun to dream, haha

Oh, I meant undeserved on my part! I'm sure your genius hat belongs firmly on your head. :)