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H/D Rec list & layout update!

Alrighty, I just updated my H/D = OTP rec list with a few recs, including two by wildestranger (who has been dabbling at the Harry/Draco writing for the past few months and is absolutely fabulous at it.)

I also added mini banner/icons to my lj sidebar supporting the various fandom ships I sail - check them out - credits go to otp_banners for all the new prettiness. Oddly enough the few pairings I am missing are all het - such as Clark/Chloe (Smallville), Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars), Max/Liz and Michael/Maria (Roswell), Wolverine/Rogue (X-Men: The Movie) & Scot/Rogue (X-Men: Evolution) 

Might try making them myself if I don't find any...
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you rule! Thanks for shaing the H/D OTP list! Wh00t! And I didn't know you liked FMA until just now! So yay the 2nd! Hope you don't mind I friended you. I don't update much and lately have been too busy to LJ land woe. But I try to be good. I've always loved your default icon, too.

Lol, while H/D is my HP OTP, I usually flit around other fandoms too (way too many IMO 'cause its impossible to track all the amazing fic and stuff floating around for all of 'em)

But yes - FMA is actually my all time favorite anime. Ever. And I really don't think that's going to change. It has this special place in my heart *feels all warm and fuzzy-like*

I don'ty *usually* update much either - just several days each month :) But I really do hope you find the recs interesting ^__^