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*SQUEE* Alternative to Friends Lists (in keeping up with new info)

Now, I love my Opera browser, especially since the ad support was recently removed and now I can truly say it whoops Firefox any day. In the past 30 minutes I just checked something out and now I Love Opera- I want to have its babies.

The reason? RSS-feeds. I no longer have to keep hitting refresh on LJs or my friends list to check for updates- I can subcribe to journals/communities for RSS feeds by clicking 'RSS' when visiting that particular journal. Then when the LJ is updates, voila- I get notified.

Its so intuitive, and not buggy at all, which is rather unusual for most new tools in alternative browsers- but that's Opera. It freakin' rocks.

I can even RESPOND through the RSS window- almost like a regular chatting program. Way cool.



*runs off squeeing*

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