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Fullmetal Alchemist: OVA...*squees incoherently ~ till she loses her voice*


*deep breath*

I have to study. Test in a few hours. This was a break between cram sessions to watch the OVA shorts I got via prillalar's post 


My finger was on the 'C' key (for screen cap) through all three. And I kept. pressing. the key. 

'Cause omg, we never really got to see the CHIBIFIED versions of everyone before so yes that needed clicking all the way through Chibis. And the pwning of Mustand by Riza (inapinkdressomfg) was indescribable...and Envy is hands down [Death by Chibi] 'cause no one should be that cute. No one.

Then there was Children. Not going to say much 'cause everything is a spoiler in a way. So. It was bittersweet. Almost cried - well ok, my eyes were watering but no tears fell dammit. Just. Wow. My heart is in my throat. This is why I love FMA in all its forms. *wimpers*

And State. Buoyed me back up with all those group images of the Sins and the army and so much eye candy and Ed tied by a rope, hanging from the ceiling? No words XD Now, I think I'm going to go worship at the altar of the Sins.

I'll use Ifranview to batch process, rename and zip all the caps...they're going to cap_it tomorrow...well, later today actually since it *is* 4:45 in the morning

So, so happy. How the hell am I going to study now?

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