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memory lane...

So imagine: people dancing to music on top of a train - a moving train. Well, it's been done.

Ah, bollywood.

The points at -4:55 to -4:50 and -2:45 to -2:40 and -3:04 to -3:00...where they're jumping? I always thought someone must have fallen off during one of the takes >__< .

"I am just an ordinary guy, I am no macho man i ain't no hi-fi" ROFL
As long as there isn't too much dancing around trees XD It used to be that every other film was like the Sound of Music *wince*
of course kajol!!
srk/kajol!! that's my eternal otp! the perfect couple in my opinion ;)
and who do you prefer with him?
Oh most definitely Kajol - but when she's was not in bollywood, Rani was fine too XD I have Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on DVD ♥
actually i like all the actresses who appear very often like kajol, rani, kereena. except miss world or whatever she was. i have no idea what's her name :D

i have kabhi kushi kabhi gham on dvd! i LOVE that movie so much! so funny and sad. everytime i watch it i cry like 3/4 of it. because it's sad or because i'm laughing so hard :D
Hahaha, at first, I thought you were talking about 'Dancer in the Dark' with Björk!!

Oh I love Indian movies!! Always colorful, with music and singing...I love how always dessed up women are! O.O

But can be too long sometimes...:P

And ZOMG that second video!!! LMAO Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dancer in the Dark has train!dancing?

I watch bollywood films and I wanna go shopping, lol. I'm *this* close to buying a salwar kameez next month when I visit for hols...

LMAO - hindi movies = the few movies which still need intermissions

Bombay vikings are so embarassing but fun that I just can't help but love 'em :)
I ♥ me some Bollywood! You know, I can almost imagine them actually doing the dancing-on-a-moving-train thing-- I took a couple Bollywood dance classes earlier this year, and all I know now is that those people are monstrously good at multitasking. Well, dance-wise, anyway-- it's so complicated! And they do it so easily, and lip-sync and move in groups all at the same time! *shakes head*

You know what freaks me out, though? I haven't dug around on YouTube for bollywood songs for a while now, and yet I know that song. *facepalm*

PS: Jeez, that second video XD
Well, dance-wise, anyway

LOL - I love how in bollywood you don't really need any talent at singing - just have a fabulous physique, dance skillz and some acting chops. And voila, new star.

Though I can usually count on wanting to dance when I see these vids...especially Hrithik and Ash dancing in Dhoom XD
Haha...imagine my surprise when I went to go see Inside Man with my (now ex-) boyfriend, and that song was in the opening credits! That's one heck of an AWESOME jacket, SRK!