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[001] Just saw the new posters for The Golden Compass and Serafina Pekkala has gotta be the most stunning witch ever *__* And I loved the way they've included the names of the daemons too:

(click for large images)

Oh and if you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer for the movie :)

[002] There is no way in hell I'm watching The Mist - for horror films, I always head over to for the ending. If I watch the new Stephen King movie, I'll be in tears.

[003] is fantastic for the top music videos across the entire world - you can watch UK top vids along with vids from Japan and Germany! I can finally keep track of new hit songs outside the US ^__^

[004] DeviantART recs - some pretty Cosplay photos for Death Note
  • Death Note does the Beatles - the moment I saw this piece I started snickering.
  • Gods of the New World - my favorite cosplayers for Death Note. The costumes are well made and the makeup flawless - not to mention the models are just right for the roles.
  • Stare - this is a general cosplay photo which showcases the photography skills of slumberdoll, and model blackmage9. I look at this and think china doll. This is the photo that got me going "SHINY!"
I was planning to see The Mist tomorrow, but now you've got me tempted to just read the spoilers and save myself a hell lot of unnecessary Post-Horror-Movie-Paranoia.
While other movies fade in my mind, horror movies tend to stick - so to preserve my sanity, I need to check the suprises/endings. If you're just interested in something that'll make you go OMGWTF-NO WAY ;___; then yeah, watch it. It's definitely horror.
I still need to pick up the book to read before watching. Thanks for posting up the posters and the link to the trailer.

I can never watch horror movies. It leaves me paranoid for days.

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Oh definitely read the book - and do get to book 2 if you can (THe Subtle Knife) because Will Parry makes his entrance in the sequel and I just love him so much, he's wonderful.

I still get creeped out my memories of The Grudge and The Ring :(
Oh, now you made me excited! *laughs* But I am planning to get the complete set. Hopefully I'll be able to this week and plow through all three books before the movie.
The complete set? Oooh, that's good! I read them in asia, when I couldn't get my hands on all three - but did my level best to find them asap.
muvibee sounds awesome,I always wanted to know what songs were playing in other parts of the world.

Those cosplay pictures are awesome,so well done..@_@
I've always found it dreadfully difficult to a) find the new hits and b) find the vids - for music back in asia. This way, it's unbelievably easy :)

In the past I'd always equate cosplay to conventions - never to fashion/artsy photos. DeviantART definitely changed things.
I looked at that last pic, of the gal with red hair, and I couldn't believe it was a real person. She really does look like a china doll!
Yeah, I couldn't believe she was a living, breathing human being. It was the opposite of the final fantasy game videos where the people look so real, you think they had to be actor photomanipped into the game O__O
Thanks for the posters *no Mrs Coulter? pouts* and the link to the trailer. Don't know who I'm going to see this with, no one in my family has read it except me.
Actuallly, there's a Nicole Kidman poster on the yahoo!movies page so check it out :) I didn't want to spam the f-list with too many posters haha

Am in the same situation - I won't be seeing my friends who HAVE seen it till the end of Dec - so I figure I'll just watch it twice XD
I'll ask a couple of people at work, I think. My mum would go, but she won't have the faintest idea what it's about.
Hello! :) I hope I'm not spamming; I just wanted to say hi to a new friend -since you said in your userinfo that you didn't want a random stalk/lurker :P- I'm very happy to say I am using one of your gorgeous layouts. And you're a fan of His Dark Materials! XD (and Artemis Fowl!) I love those two books! :DDD The poster of GC are really, superbly prettiful... :)

Sorry, I'm blabbing! Anyways, just wanted to say hi! ;)
I totally do the same thing with the Saw movies. I love them so much, I've seen 1-3, but when I saw the third one, I didn't sleep much at all for a week and a half. So, unfortunately, I know I can't handle the fourth, and have settled for internet spoilers.