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The Golden Compass - early reviews and a note.

Early reviews are out for The Golden Compass @ (2 versions: review for those who have NOT read the books + review for those who have read the trilogy)

Now, this is important: if you have read the books, it would do you well to know before watching the film, that the last three chapters of book 1 have been moved to the second movie. IMO this is to ensure a generally positive ending for the first movie and to keep anticipation for the sequels high. I'm just glad to know it now, rather than go into the movie and go WTF when the credits start rolling. This is also something that was done for the Lord of the RIngs trilogy to make the transitions from film to film smoother.

I've been waiting to watch the His Dark Materials trilogy for a long, long time - the only other series I'm waiting on is Artemis Fowl. I've read the books, heard the audio versions - both Pullman's readings and the beyond stunning BBC radio show version - and I desperately want the screenplay and acting to match up to the fantastic visuals we've seen so far.

Ultimately my hope is that the movie does well, and New Line Cinema gives the green light for The Subtle Knife...which means we finally get to meet Will Parry.

ETA: Director Chris Weitz answers questions from the fans - Part 1 and Part 2. His responses go a long way in calming my anxieties and getting me hyped about the movie. Damn, I wish it were December 7th already.
That's good to know about the last three chapters. Thanks!

And I can't wait to meet Will. He's one of my favourite characters ever. The omelette did it.
Yeah, I hate it when I keep waiting for something to happen in a movie adaptation and it *doesn't* and then I feel cheated when I come out of the cinema. I recall a lot of fans had that feeling about Order of the Phoenix and changes from book to movie.

I am *this* close to zipping and uploading The Subtle Knife - radio show version for the f-list to hear and enjoy. Because Will just comes to life, and omg, the omlette, the can opener - so many things were just wonderful.
Well, judging from that review, it sounds much more better than The Seeker. Good lord, that movie. *shudders*
The Seeker is an example of how a movie's trailer can NOT suck and it can still be an awful film *sigh*

I've seen all of one clip apart from the trailer...but it seems so promising that...argh, I can feel my hopes rising.
I'm not sure how I feel to be honest.
Despite my loving the Harry Potter fandom His Dark Materials is still a better book in my opinion and so means more to me. If they mess this up I'm gonna be so upset.
The review said loads about the effects etc but how was it as an adaptation?
I'm already disappointed about the fact they're cutting out the biblical messages but that's understandable. I mean, look what happened to the books in the Vatican. I still don't quite understand how they'll present The Amber Spyglass though, if it gets that far :D

Thanks for the news about the last 3 chapters though.
Although that means when it comes to the second we'll probably be delayed to the Will goodness :(
For HP, my love is the fanfiction and the fandom, but for His Dark Materials, my love of the source material is enough. It satisfied me in a way where I did not need fanfic to fill in the gaps.

The director explained the logic behind the toning down of the biblical references et all. 'Cause ultimately, it's a trilogy. If the studio axes production because the public protests about it in the very first film, nothing will get completed. And I also believe that the first book is a primer and that the actual action and main meat of the story, the issues on religion etc. are actually in the sequels. And the director knows that nothing can be cut from that - 'cause in books 2 and 3, the religion issues ARE the plot. He's being rather clever about it.

I hate going in not knowing about the editing details, lol.