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My love affair with stargate

Growing up in Dubai, I never got to see the Star Gate series - sure I got to watch the movie and the pilot of SG-1 that was packaged as a movie - but I never got to see the show.

And I'd think about it growing up. I'd visit the video store, browse through the limited collection of movies and wish there was more sci-fi stuff that was fun and didn't suck.

Then I came to Texas for college and subscribed to Netflix. I got to see a dvd here and there, sometimes background noise to my homework and other times I'd be sitting down with my dinner laughing at one of Tealc's lines.

Unlike my love for Star Trek Voyager which took the first three seasons to really click, I adored Star Gate from the get go. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Sam - those four were like a bunch of friends who I hooked up with at random intervals. Not to mention, at over 100 episodes, the show itself seemed to be a fandom - the weirdest plots, the cliches, the WTF moments and the theories - all backed by logic that seemed to make sense and humor, always humor.

In the last two years, I watched the whole series, the last seasons blending with Star Gate Atlantis - a show which, thanks to its predecessor, kinda knew what worked and what didn't. I watched SGA twice, all the way through. I cannot wait for the two new movies.

I adore the Star Gate universe. It's a love similar to Fullmetal Alchemist wherein the source material seems to satisfy my needs so well that I haven't really immersed myself in the fandom.

The thing is, I know if I really looked, I'd find my niche there. And my love would become more like that of HP, where I would frolics and squee and never really get bored, because there are so many talented individuals present already.

And there's this siren call - not just the fic, but the youtube videos from the conventions - hearing Michael Shanks (link and link), Joe Flanigan (link) and Paul McGillion (link) makes me double over laughing from how much they win at life.

I've read all of two big fics, Written by the Victors by cesperanza (in September) and At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire_17 (which I read today). Both blew me away.

I like my fic slashy or gen - I'm interested in Jack and Daniel and John and Carson and Rodney - you could probably match any of them together and my interest would perk up. A threesome would make me bounce. And the worst thing is discovering the Stargate Lists of Lists for anything and everything when it comes to recs. Not to forget ship_manifesto, idol_reflection and crack_van. So what I'm trying to say is...

The SG fandom is a black hole. I keep dancing around it, checking out stuff now and again but I can't seem to get too close, 'cause I know I'll never come back. So I probably will always be sampling stuff via recs from the f-list instead.

But when it comes to science fiction, Star Gate will always be the love of my life.

I'm gonna offer you just a couple of recs...

Where We Ought To Be - McShep, post-Sunday It's Rodney and Sheppard going to Scotland for the funeral. Very sad, but very touching. Lots of lively Scots!

The Secret Life of Scientists - This is a MUST read for lovely Rodney-ness. It's McKay/Zelenka and covers all the's hilarious and fun and well written.

Enjoy!! (I'm very new to the fandom...I've only seen SGA and the SG-1 as of yet for me!)
There are two movies coming out in March and June - Ark of Truth and Continuum - you can check em out here :)
omg this is so exciting. I've been such a fan of the series and movie for years and I know my dad will be so psyched when he hears this.
Oh, I wish my dad would watch sci fi - it bores him as much as detective movies bore me, haha. But yes, there are interviews and tiny peaks online so do google/youtube for them...
Okay, this is freaky. Another LJ friend of mine (jessiesk) actually lives in Dubai and she also like adores SG :D

Yet another new information for me about you growing up in Dubai. So are you going back to Dubai after college? if this is too personal, you don't have to answer
It's definitely easier to find SG now, with the net XD

Might end up in Canada actually!
I've never watched the Star Gate series. The TV channels here don't even show it. At all. How pathetic. :|

I did watched the first movie. How I fell in truly love with it. It's amazing. One of the more amazing sci-fi movies out there.
Nowadays there are several comms that let you download the whole series on LJ and if all else fails, there are the streaming sites (like or torrents. should def check it out :)
Oh, don't doubt you in the least :) Am opening up the link right now haha

By any chance do you read daniel!fics? Would love some recs from SG-1 *__* I kind of more enthused about old school Jack/Daniel than the current Mckay/Sheppard oddly enough >__> But it's still old good *\o/*
I'm sorry, I've only ever seen one episode of SG-1 and that alone is The Pegasus Story, which still has something to do with SGA. All the fics I read are mainly SGA too.

I'm okay with Daniel/Jack and I tried to read them once but it seems like I visited the wrong website for them, I read an AU (sorta, they still met at the SGC) and it was LONG. AS. HELL. I wanted to kill myself. In the end, I got so pissed that I scrolled all the way down to the ending xD I've been turned off by Daniel/Jack fics ever since.

I might have a Daniel/Rodney somewhere around here though. And there are links to a Sheppard/Mitchell ficfest a while back, would you like them? :)
Daniel/Rodney would be lovely though I never really cozied up to Mitchell so prob not S/M

At the Hour We are Trembling (linked in the post) is a Daniel/Sheppard fic and I was *__* through it. Excellent stuff.

I worry about jumping into fic from prollific fandoms like SG - 'cause in HP, even the most popular H/D fics have dozens of really BAD popular fics that make me wonder about fandom. Generally I find the writing quality of SG to be on par with the X-Men movieverse and perhaps SPN, and therefore generally better than HP so I'm hoping there'll be fewer bad apples around...
*nods* I will search for the Daniel/Rodney fic, then :)

When I first read SGA, I was very new into the fandom and read all the right fics, so, I can honestly say that I can now tell the difference between fic that makes my head throb and the ones that make me smile.

I've got a few recs and a few classics, so would you like those as well? They're (obviously) mainly McKay/Sheppard though.

Also, I agree with what you say in H/D. I've got a few H/D shippers on my flist and there was a link I followed (it was supposedly a rec) and when I was reading it halfway through, all I could think was "This is a REC?!" I nearly died laughing. The HP 'verse always makes me question my sanity. Then again, it doesn't stop me from poking in now and then. I think there was a fic rec you gave me, Scorpius/Albus, I believe. I loved it with every bit of my soul, I tell ya.

Would love it if you could pass along the favorites/classics you think would work best for a newbie - I love Rodney and John except I still have this line in front of me that just doesn't quite see them *together together* so, fics that really show how the connection goes beyond partnership/friends and into something that runs way deeper - I'd love that.

Though I also adore the funny/quirky stuff too.

My first ship ever was Wolverine/Rogue and since most of the writers were adults, the standard was great and good fic was common. Then I came across H/D where I had to sort through so much crap - and the thing is, a bit of the crap does have some redeeming value that makes you want to stick with it 'cause of the love you have for the characters. But I get wistful for the fandoms that seem to almost require a certain level of writing skills to truly embrace the cannon - like Star Gate.

Oh! And glad one of my recs worked for you then :)
I very good friend of mine - actually the only person I know in RL, who is into ff of any sort too - is a total SGA nerd.
We even exchanged fiction recs, but I am not ready to immerse myself into something new.
found my way here trough the sg icon journal.
and read your pondering over the sg just here now. Lovely and i feel quite the same about the show. I will always miss it, the humor the character interaction it something you just don't find everywhere. And the reason why it's so believable and great is that off the screen seeing the actors is something of an amazing thing. Hardly you ever stumble upon a cast who is made of win offscreen as well. I have best time glaring at the extras.
It took me in too, but occasional distractions can lure one away for a little while, at least. ^_^ Actually, I only started getting into the fanfiction when I became too annoyed with Vala; everything before that was swirly eyes to myself.

However, it does me good to poke at the five mentioned, and that got me thinking of this John/Rodney/Jack I read once, thus I reread it and am now being stupid but sharing. Just when your done make sure you don't visit the site itself through the authorname, there's so much there that makes you want to just read every bit and piece.