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In a very pr0ny mood...

...pass me links to some PWP stories/scenes from stories. Any fandom, any slash pairing - multiple partners is a bonus.

Yes, all I'm looking for is Teh Sex - extremely hot and detailed smut - the stuff that got you...umm.

I don't have any links for you, but I hope you're aware of how many went-to-alien-planet-and-must-have-sex-to-get-out-alive fics there are in the SGA fandom. Not to mention the strange plant/drug that has everyone sleeping with everyone ^_^
If you don't know of any and would like to read, let me know and I'll do a bit of digging.
Haven't read any plant/drug fics except in SPN - so spam me with the hottest of the fics - as long as they're slash, it's all good.
I've looked for the fics and realised that my little absence from that fandom means I lost track of everything and can't find anything anymore. I'm still looking though, and I hope I will have a few links for you.
If you're still interested, I have some extremely smutty novels that I can upload for you. They're not from any fandom and though some might argue there is a plot, I just read it for the extremely hot smexxing.

I can either upload just the pages with the scenes or the entires novels.
EEEEEE - you know my kinks XD THAT WAS HOT HOT HOT.

Would totalyl be interested in more, but thank you ♥