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Headers/Banners: Christmas + Misc icons

I've always wanted to do Christmas icons, but every year deadlines and other projects get in the way. This year is no different :( Still, here are a few headers for your enjoyment. Probably won't have time for anything more.

Got the images from - feel free to use and edit them for posts, layouts or profiles - just provide credit *somewhere* lol.

F U L L   S I Z E

F U L L   S I Z E

F U L L   S I Z E

The next two are mini banners than y'all can use them for regular lj posts - their width is 300px so they should work perfectly on f-list pages...

+ Misc Icons.... (added 19th December)

#1: HP
#2: Christmas
#3: Serenity
#4: Pirates of the Caribbean
#5 & #6: Lord of the Rings
#7: The Golden Compass
#8: The Office - Jenna Fischer
#9 & #10: Doctor Who - K-9
#11 & #12: School Rumble
#13: Peacemaker Kurogane
#14: Capeta
#15: HP - Friends Only Banner


Rules: NO HOTLINKING, bases can be edited, credit is needed if used to post your own icons and comments just make me squee ^__^

01 - 04         

05 - 08           

09 - 12         

13 - 14     

Friends Only Banner made for a hogwarts_elite contest:

Ok, now I have to go look at one of your layout posts to find out how to add a header.


ETA: Got it! Will credit! must be just me. Because after fiddling with my lovely layout, it is all messed up. *cries a little* What! WHAT IS GOING ON!

Edited at 2007-12-01 01:23 pm (UTC)
I like the first one very much. It's lovely, the red against the yellow and blue-green background.
I love them!! ;)

Taking the second and the last ones, thanks!!
The original photos can be found on veer - I edited them all in photoshop to make the headers/banners.
I may use header no. 2, and will of course credit if I do. :) It's gorgeous.
+mem for use next Christmas.
The large ones are really lovely. Thanks.
Oh wow the Friends Only banner is awesome! Took a few images, will def credit. ^_^