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Meme - Anime List

Snagged off of qem_chibati XD

Go through the list and check off the titles you have watched. For our purposes, "watching" a title means that for TV and OVA series, you have to have seen at least one episode all the way through. For one-shots, you have to have seen the whole thing. At the end of each genre category, add up your sub-total. At the very end, add up the sub-totals to come up with your grand total. If your grand total is 80 or over, congratulations-- you are an obsessive anime watcher!

As an extra note: not all the titles listed here are great, and some are even steaming piles of crap. Titles on the list are here because they are either 1) genuinely good, 2) insanely popular, 3) good examples of the genre, or 4) just plain notorious. Good anime obsessives should be able to watch series with any of those qualities.

* indicates finished the series.

I. Action and Adventure
* (X) .hack//SIGN
(X) Airmaster // 1 episode
( ) Battle Arena Toshinden
(X ) Bleach // first 100+ episodes
(X ) Blood+ // first episode
(X) Bakuretsu Tenshi //first episode
( ) City Hunter
( ) Cowboy Bebop
( ) Dragonball (any)
(X) Flame of Recca // first episode
(X) GetBackers
(X) Inu Yasha //100+ eps
( ) Lupin III (any)
( ) Mai-HiME
(X) Naruto // need to catch up
(X) One Piece // first episode
(X) Tenjou Tenge //first episode
(X) Saiyuki
(X) Yu Yu Hakusho //dozen episodes or so

Total Here: 14/20

II. Comedy and Parody
( ) 2x2 = Shinobuden
( ) Adventures of the Mini Goddesses
( ) All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
(X) Azumanga Daioh //first seasonand a few more eps
( ) Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
( ) Di Gi Charat
( ) Dragon Half
(X) Excel Saga //first episode
*(X) Fruits Basket
( ) Galaxy Angel
( ) Here is Greenwood
(X) Kodomo no Omocha
(X) Kyou Kara Maou!
( ) Midori Days
( ) Pani Poni Dash
( ) Project A-ko
(X) Ranma 1/2 //first few eps
(X) Tenchi Muyo //one episode
(X) Those Who Hunt Elves // first few eps
( ) Urusei Yatsura

Total Here: 8/20

III. Drama and Miscellaneous
*(X) Beck // OMG ♥
( ) Full Moon wo Sagashite
(X) Gankutsuou
(X) Genshiken //one episode
( ) Glass Mask (original or new)
(X) Haibane Renmei //first few eps
( ) Hitsuji no Uta
( ) Honey & Clover
(X) Kaleido Star
(X) Last Exile
( ) Le Portraite de Petite Cossette
(X) Monster
*(X) Paradise Kiss
*(X) Princess Mononoke //favorite anime movie!
( ) Read or Die OVA
(X) Speed Grapher //first episode
( ) Twin Spica
(X) Weiss Kreuz //first episode
( ) Wings of Honneamise
*(X) Yakitate!! Japan

Total Here: 12/20

IV. Ecchi/Mature
( ) Agent AIKa
( ) Cutey Honey
( ) Ebichu
( ) Golden Boy
( ) Grenadier
( ) Hand Maid May
( ) He Is My Master
( ) Iketeru Futari
(X) La Blue Girl //first and only *shudder*
( ) Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose
( ) Mahoromatic
( ) Mezzo Forte
( ) Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
( ) My Dear Marie
( ) Najica Blitz Tactics
( ) Negima
( ) Puni Puni Poemy
( ) Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
( ) Wicked City
( ) Yumeria

Total Here: 1/20

V. Fantasy and Supernatural
(X) Angel Sanctuary //a bit of the manga
( ) Aquarian Age
(X) Berserk
(X) El Hazard //first eps
(X) Final Fantasy Unlimited //first eps
*(X) Fullmetal Alchemist //LOVE LOVE LOVE
*(X) Howl's Moving Castle //definitely good
(X) Magic Knight Rayearth //first few eps
(X) Mushishi //first episode
( ) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
(X) Record of Lodoss War //first season
*(X) Scrapped Princess
(X) Slayers //first eps
(X) Tales of Eternia //first eps
*(X) Trinity Blood
(X) Tsubasa Chronicle //first eps
*(X) Vampire Hunter D
( ) Violinist of Hameln
*(X) Vision of Escaflowne
(X) X: TV//first episodes

Total Here:17/20

VI. Historical and Alternate History
( ) Anne of Green Gables
(X) Basilisk //first eps
( ) Barefoot Gen
(X) Chrono Crusade //random eps all through
( ) Grave of the Fireflies
( ) Fire Tripper
( ) Kaidomaru
( ) Legend of Condor Hero
( ) Millennium Actress
( ) Nadia - Secret of Blue Water
( ) Ninja Scroll
( ) Otogizoushi
*(X) Peacemaker Kurogane
( ) Porco Rosso
( ) Rose of Versailles
(X) Rurouni Kenshin //entire manga + watching anime slowly
( ) Samurai 7
(X) Samurai Champloo //first eps
( ) Steel Angel Kurumi
( ) Victorian Romance Emma

Total Here: 5/20

VII. Kids and Family
(X) Angelic Layer //my sis adored this
( ) Astro Boy
( ) Beyblade
( ) Castle in the Sky
(X) Detective Conan //manga, just a bit
(X) Digimon //one episode
( ) Doraemon
( ) Hamtaro
(X) Kiki's Delivery Service //bits and pieces
(X) Kimba the White Lion //this was an anime??? Only as a kid...
( ) Monster Rancher
*(X) My Neighbor Totoro // highschool
(X) Pokemon
( ) Samurai Pizza Cats
( ) Sazae-san
( ) SD Gundam Force
( ) Sonic X
(X) Speed Racer //as a kid...
*(X) Spirited Away
(X) Yu-Gi-Oh //in highschool

Total Here: 10/20

VIII. Magical Girls and Boys
*(X) Cardcaptor Sakura
*(X) DNAngel
( ) Earth Girl Arjuna
( ) Erementar Gerad
( ) Hime-chan no Ribbon
( ) Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
( ) Magic Users Club
( ) Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
( ) Magical Stage Fancy La La
( ) Mahou no Star Magical Emi
( ) Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
( ) Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
( ) Ojamajou DoReMi
( ) Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo
(X) Pretear //first eps
(X) Sailor Moon //few eps
( ) Saint Tail
( ) Tokyo Mew Mew
( ) Ultra Maniac
( ) Wedding Peach

Total Here: 4/20

IX. Romance
(X) Ah! My Goddess //highscool!watch
(X) Ai Yori Aoshi //one episode
( ) Air
*(X) Ayashi no Ceres //highscool!watch
(X) Boys Be //first half
(X) Chobits //first eps
(X) Fushigi Yuugi //random eps throughout
(X) Hana Yori Dango //drama + bits of anime
*(X) His and Her Circumstances (a.k.a.: KareKano) //LOVE LOVE LOVE
( ) Kimagure Orange Road
( ) Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
*(X) Love Hina //used to love it - own all the DVDs.
( ) Maison Ikkoku
(X) Marmalade Boy
*(X) Peach Girl
( ) Piano
(X) Please Teacher! //random eps throughout
( ) SaiKano
( ) To Heart
( ) Video Girl Ai

Total Here: 12/20 - I think of this as my highschool phase.

X. Science-Fiction
*(X) Appleseed
(X) Blue Seed
(X) Bubblegum Crisis (any) //first eps
*(X) Crest of the Stars
( ) Galaxy Express 999
*(X) Gundam (any) //only seed all the way through
*(X) Macross (any) // FIRST ANIME EVER.
(X) Outlaw Star //first few eps
(X) Patlabor //first eps
( ) Planetes
( ) Please Save My Earth
(X) RahXephon //first eps
(X) Saber Marionette (any) //first eps
*(X) s-CRY-ed
*(X) Soukyuu no Fafner
( ) Space Battleship Yamato (a.k.a.: Star Blazers)
(X) Stellvia //first few eps
(X) Transformers (any) //as a kid
*(X) Voices of a Distant Star //this was kind of wow...
(X) Xenosaga: The Animation //first few eps

Total Here: 16/20

XI. Shounen-Ai and Shoujo-Ai
(X) Ai no Kusabi //bits and pieces - skmmed
(X) Descendants of Darkness //bits and pieces - sikmmed
( ) Earthian
(X) FAKE //bits and pieces - skimmed
(X) Fish in the Trap //bits and pieces - skimmed
( ) Galaxy Fraulin Yuna
*(X) Gravitation
(X) Haru wo Daiteita //bits and pieces - skimmed
( ) Kannazuki no Miko
*(X) Kizuna
( ) Lesson XX
*(X) Loveless
( ) Maria-sama ga Miteru
(X) Mirage of Blaze //first eps
( ) Oniisama E
( ) Seikimatsu Darling
( ) Song of the Wind in the Trees
*(X) Sukisho
( ) Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito /
(X) Zetsuai/Bronze //bits and pieces - skimmed

Total Here: 10/20

XII. Sports
(X) Ace wo Nerae //random eps throughout
( ) Ashita no Joe
( ) Ayane's High Kick
( ) Baki the Grappler
(X) Battle Athletes //first episode
*(X) Buzzer Beater
(X) Captain Tsubasa //first episode
*(X) Eyeshield 21 //caught up with manga and anime
( ) Ginban Kaleidoscope
*(X) Hajime no Ippo
*(X ) Hikaru no Go
*(X) Initial D
*(X) Major
( ) Monkey Turn
( ) One Pound Gospel
*(X) Prince of Tennis
(X) Princess Nine
*(X) Slam Dunk
( ) Suzuka
*(X) Wild Striker

Total Here: 13/20 - I adore sports!manga with lots of guys in 'em XD

XIII. Surreal and Psychological
*(X) Akira //as a kid
( ) Betterman
( ) Boogiepop Phantom
(X) Elfen Lied //first eps
(X) FLCL //first eps
*(X) Gantz //mostly via the manga
*(X) Ghost in the Shell (movie or TV) //soon. Soon. Movie watched!
( ) Hellsing
(X) Jigoku Shoujo //few eps
( ) Karas
( ) Madlax
(X) Melody of Oblivion //one episode
*(X) Neon Genesis Evangelion //as a kid
(X) Noir //one episode
( ) Paranoia Agent
( ) Perfect Blue
( ) Princess Tutu
*(X) Revolutionary Girl Utena
(X) Serial Experiments Lain //first few eps
( ) Texhnolyze

Total Here: 11/20

Total: 133/260

Actually, most of the numbers are 'cause - as I noted - I'll watch the first episode of an anime before really labelling it as not for me.

My first anime was Robotech (Macross) as a kid and it was in english. In highschool I went looking for anime via the internet. I watched the classic movies - Akira, My neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke etc. and got addicted to Inu Yasha (Those ears make my fingers twitchy - so cute *__*). I also adored Love Hina and Fruits Basket though today, the one thing I still adore insanely is Kare Kano, which is pure genius and just wonderful. My favorite movie is Princess Mononoke and my favorite anime in general is FullMetal Alchemist.

I've watched a lot of yaoi - but it simply does not work for me. I think romance in anime has lost its sparkle. I like my boy on boy action via manga >__> Looking through the entire list, my favorite genres are most definitely action/adventure, supernatural/fantasy, sports and science fiction. And now? The protagonist has to be male - or the anime needs to really focus on males (and NOT the reverse harem situation, ugh)

There are quite a few shows that aren't on the list but... A) this is an old meme and a lot of recent stuff is missing (I mean, Death Note, Ouran, D. Gray-man and that's just off the top of my head) and B) there are quite a few things I enjoyed moderately (Touch, H2 etc.) or even a lot...that never really became big. So.

*wonders* Oddly enough earlier today I started pondering the possibilities of getting Inu Yasha and Edward Elric to hook up O__O
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Out of that huge list I've only seen 70... some I have but never got around to it. I don't watch anime these days, the only one I still follow is Shounen Onmyouji which is taking a little while. I was into D.Grey Man til it started on fillers or something.

I watched like the entire of Naruto til the fillers came on and can't get back into it. LOL I can't believe I watched like all 300 and something eps of One Piece. I loved Inu Yasha, even if it didn't finish right.

I don't particularly like Yaoi anime, I think its the voices that make it awkward for me. LOL Edward and Inu Yasha? IY so belongs to Seshoumaru (if I spelt that right).

I gobbled up Shounen Onmyouji until the subs stalled, watched some unsubbed eps and then got spoiled for the ending in a glorious fanfic that fixed the things that the endng broke (in a way).

D.Gray-man's latest eps (losing the arm etc.) got me back into the manga but...still wondering where it's headed. It had so much promise...and I adore Kanda and Allen

The fillers don't count as Naruto IMO - I just stopped watching those and picked up with Shipuuden - but ultimately, it's all about the manga and the Sasuke/Naruto interaction XD

I do not get the One Piece love - the art makes me wince and I keep trying to figure out what the story and characters are about.

Inu Yasha was the first anime-fandom!love where I read fanfic - though it was het. Now I wonder about the slash potential Sesh/IY...

Edward and Inuyasha are just SHINY *__*
The only Animes I've seen are Akazukin Cha Cha (does this count) and Inu Yasha. I loved the former as a kid.
I am throwing Fullmetal Alchemist at you - it's not just personal bias. The anime has a high success rate with peeps who don't usually watch much anime. Watch the first5 to 10 eps if you can - 'cause by episode 7 or 8, friends have fallen completely in love with the show and the characters. It is so very hard not to like Ed and Al *__*

Inu yasha - I was rewatching some of the first eps today - my god, it *was* all about inu yasha's ears O__O So. F*cking. Cute. Gah.

ACC is an anime but not one that I've heard of - which is typical since there are so many anime titles and there's probably a lot that does not get subbed/seeded for torrents...
Read your entry on the Fullmetal Alchemist, it looks pretty good. I think it's cute that the characters are Japanese looking but have Western names xD

Is there a movie of Inu Yasha? Maybe there isn't, I don't know but the first time I watched it was in school, ironically. We had a trainee teacher and she wanted to capture our attention so she brought the tape to school and showed it to us, when she stopped it halfway, I was all "OH NO SHE DIDNT" and kept trying to borrow the tape from her xD

Got any Yaoi ones? I've heard it's popular and a healthy dose of man on man action, so. Rec me anything, I've got tons of time on my hands (what with being jobless) so I'll be happy to try anything out :)
FMA has a mix of humor, awesome action, angst and family in a way that few anime/tv shows can really capture. The sibling!love made me hug my sister cause it just made sense.

There are probably more than 5 movies for Inuyasha - don't quite remember. But teachers are definitely sneaky ppl XD

If you want pr0ny yaoi - Sensitive Pornograph is it. The best yaoi is in manga form IMO - would you be interested in reading rather than listening to your boy on boy action? 'Cause then there's a lot to rec. When it comes to anime - the yaoi just doesn't work for me - the storylines or smut always seem lacking.

If you have time to watch only one episode of FMA for now (half an hour), watch episode 4 online n stage6:
Thanks for the link, I'm checking it out now :)

I'd love to check it out but, what's Manga? I mean - I know the vague definition of it but not really the entire meaning. Does it have pictures or are they like normal fic?
KYAA! You- you watched Robotech/Macross when you're a kid! I used to watch that when I was a kid! I'm gonna hug you now for it. *huggles* I am so lame.

I watched the Inuyasha movie a while ago (it was the third one, I think) and I was utterly mesmerised with the way Inuyasha's ears were twitching. *wants to pet so bad*

I prefer action/adventure, supernatural/fantasy and sci-fi nowadays. Romance anime don't work for me anymore. It must be those dating/harem series that turned me off. I like my anime with loads of boys.
The only reason I found out what anime even *was* is because of Robotech. I adored Rick/Lisa *points out that pairing is listed on her interests in the profile* and Rook and Rand made me LOL. There weren't too many shows in the 90s that could compare so I went searching for the stuff like Robotech and discovered the world of anime.

My friends fell for Inuyasha the moment they saw the ears - I saw them at school and they were like "THOSE EARS, OMG"

At least, you discovered anime by way of Robotech and not through Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball. lol. Rick Hunter: My first ever anime crush.

Those ears, sho cute. I feel like digging that movie out to watch that scene again.

YAYZ. ^__^
I admit, I did watch Jem & the Holograms. Ah, Star Plus - you were a channel that provided the best and the cheesiest crap ever.

Am watching the first episode right now where Kagome is touching Inuyasha's ears XD
Wow, only...I think it was 9? For me. I am lame! Haha. I really do enjoy anime when I watch it, too. The first one I saw was Vampire Z, and I got into Sailor Moon as a young teenager, and my cousin made me watch Cowboy Bebop and Spirited Away, and my kids really liked Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro, and I've watched a zillion episodes (over a hundred? I think?) of Prince of Tennis. And it seems I am forgetting some.

And is there really an Anne of Green Gables anime? That might explain that Anne of Green Gables cat costume I found on that "dress a cat" website...
That's what I love about my flist - some peeps are hardcore otakus and others can count the anime they've seen on one hand.

Sailor moon never showed back home so I never got the hype >__> I think the first time I saw it I was 11 and I'd grown out of that stage.

Got spoiled for Cowboy Bebop's ending :( PoT is a surprisingly easy watch! I've played it in the background all the way through twice O__O

Did you know there's also a power puff girls anime now? LOL
I think, with Sailor Moon, it was 90% stupid and 10% awesome, and I watched it for the 10%.

And I don't think I've even seen the non-anime version of the power puff girls! LOL
I think that's my stance on Smallville, haha - and that 10% of awesome = the 10% with Chloe

The lack of any cartoon channel back home except Cartoon Network forced the power of the puff on me ;__;
3 out of 260. Hahahaha. It may be 4, but I'm not entirely sure that I've seen Princess Mononoke or just heard people talking about it a lot.
*falls over* I'm still waiting for the person who has managed not to see a single show on the list, haha. What are the 3? Well, apart from Bleach?
The other two are Transformers and Loveless. I would be able to bump the count up to five if Ouran High School Host Club and Lovely Complex were on the list though.

And now that I am looking at the list again, I obviously can't count. Sailor Moon makes 4 out of 260 if I'm going just by what's on the list.

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What has everybody seen Sailor Mon 'cept me?

After summer Transformers will forever equal movie and then anime, lol.
Haha. I was practically forced by a friend to watch Sailor Moon when I was in junior high, but I never really got into it.

And yeah, I have to admit when I saw Transformers on the list, I was thinking, "But that's a movie! Oh, wait..."
- (Anonymous)
The ending of the anime had me going "?" and "????" because it never really ended and I adored the way the characters developed and relationships built up so f*cking much. Ahh, love.
- (Anonymous)
WATCH COWBOY BEBOP :DDDDDDD ITS SO GOOD. surprisingly the dubbed, i think, is better than the japanese.

I hope you dont mind me adding you :D;;
Got spoiled for the ending and refuse to watch it, sorry D:

Don't mind in the least ^__^