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D.G & the O.Z

[001] In the next 100 days, we'll probably get an idea if things are going to get better or worse on LJ with the new management. The worst that can happen is that fandom jumps ship to a new site.

[002] Tin Man is a brand new mini series that began airing yesterday - it's the world of Oz (that is Wizard of Oz), reimagined. You can watch it here online on
ETA: You can also go here tonight, to watch Tin Man live on your computer.

[003] In regards to The Golden Compass movie, I want an icon that says, "I am going to be happy and optimistic and you're just going to have to deal with it, damn it". People are either unbelievably cynical or insanely cheerful about it. I'd rather fall into the later category >__> Oh, and new icon to celebrate the movie!

[004] There are times when you want to be a sheep - when you want to like that show that everyone is going crazy over because it means when you squee, everyone is squeeing and squeeing as a group is infinitely more fun than as a single voice yelling through the internets about stuff nobody is aware of.
But for some reason, it's not happening. Enchanted kinda made me cringe. Pushing Daisies seems to be lacking something I can't put my finger on - it just does NOT seem amazing. And Gossip girl makes me run in the opposite direction. Bah.
And I get the feeling my wires must be crossed because these are shows/movies I would normally go for. I've watched all those Hallmark fairytale movies/mini series like 10th Kingdom and Jack & the bean stalk. I adored Incredibles which was a celebration of super heroes everywhere. But I'm just not feeling the love for these shows. And it seems like everyone else is on the other side of the fence :(
Pushing Daisies IS lacking... something. I watched it regularly for about the first month, waiting for it to become amazing, and it just never did. Now I don't even make the effort to record it, let alone catch it when it actually airs. I love the pie maker, but the show... just leaves me feeling very 'eh'. I think it's Chuck's character. She kind of makes me cringe.

I haven't watched Enchanted yet, but I actually have a link sitting in my bookmarks waiting for me to watch it. Heh.

Gossip is fun, but ultimately cheap trash, haha. Again, I absolutely adore a few characters on the show (Chuck Bass and Serena's brother that randomly drops of the face of the earth every other episode), but don't particularly care about any of the others, or any of the story lines, or... any of it. I just watch it for a laugh (and Chuck).
Yeah, Pushing Daisies has all the ingredients for a fantastic show but there's something that doesn't click with me - the chemistry or the certains bits of the premise *shrugs*

Yeah, watched it and ended up skimming through the whole thing. THe first 5 minutes made me cringe *shudder*

Watching Gossip Girl was like reading Twilight - it felt like I was back in highschool and I think I've grown out of that phase of my life for the soap and drama of young adult love lives...

Oh, my god, I AM in high school and Twilight makes me ashamed to admit it. I loved it for the first fifty pages, until I found out he was a vampire (I don't read summaries, rofl). I keep reading the series because all my friends keep telling me it's amazing, but I just want to hurt Bella all the time. Ugh. The whole way the book approaches Bella and Edward's relationship makes my teeth hurt. Team Jacob FTW!
YES, YES. If it were Jacob and Bella getting together, I'd totally jump on the bang wagon with a "Hell, yes!" but bloody hell, Bella and Edward? It felt more cliched than your typical fairytale :< When I heard how the latest book ends I knew I'd probably throw it across the room if I ever got my hands on it.


I think the only sort of meant-to-be romance I really adored in high school was Liz and Max in Roswell >__> Though I ♥ Michael and Maria now.
I can't wait to watch Tin Man! I missed the first airing on tv last night because we were out to dinner. I plan to watch it tonight!

And as for the other's okay to not be on the same side of the fence as everyone else! I too am excited about The Golden Compass and like you, I'm not a fan of Enchanted or Gossip Girl. (Okay, I haven't actually seen either of them...but they look horrible!)

Although I am a fan of Pushing Daisies...though I've only seen the first four episodes thus far. :D
Am watching it right now - though the site does seem to stall with the stream. Still, calling Dorothy Gale, D-G and Oz, The O-Z are just some of the things that made me go \o/

Oh I definitely get that sometimes the mainstream just isn't worth it - but...when most of the f-list seems to be celebrating the awesomeness of Pushing Daisies and Twilight and even more surprisingly, Gossip Girl - I seemed to have missed the bus :(
[001] Why must they toy with us so much?

[002] Thank you, thank you, thank you. This show seems rather interesting. I can't wait for it to progress more.

[003] I am nervous and excited for The Golden Compass. More on the excited side, but still nervous.

[004] I haven't liked a lot of new television shows for a long time. It's never really been my thing to go completely bonkers over a show. I've felt this for a while.
I think we totally overwhelmed LJ with our need for constant attention XD

After seeing the trailer I knew I had to watch it asap haha.

My mind is kinda already madeup that TGC will rock - 'cause I know the changes and WTF moments that will arise so I'll end up taking it in stride.

That's my state for anime and far eastern dramas - everything seems so blah at the moment :< The last bit of awesome was Coffee Prince and that feels like it ages ago.
I have watched the pilot of Pushing Daisies and that was that. It may be a personal problem of mine, but I have never seen a show with so much "impossible romance" factor as this. I don't want to see heartbreak on TV on a regular basis, with no hope to get better.
As for Enchanted, I have it on my HD, but did not come around watching it yet and Gossip Girl never made me curious. :)

Btw, I still have not read HP. I know that it is good, but then I think feel: What does it say about a book, when people, who never touch other books with a pincher are all head over heels about it?
Yeah, from the get go I hated the idea of one touch and she's dead - I used to ship Rogue/Wolverine (still do actually, lol) and the cool thing about that is the healing factor - even if she leeches the life from him - he's an energizer bunny (with claws) and will keep going anyway XD

I'd say read the books because - they are entertaining. THey are *not masterpieces - it was probably a bit of the right place the right time too. What really makes peeps happy with it is the fandom IMO - at least on lj. It's insane how easy it is to jump straight from reading the source material and into millions of fics and art. That, IMO, is the shininess factor.
Yep! It's pretty much the hopelessness that turns me down. :/

Ha! Rogue/Wolverine would be great! You don't have any fic recs in that case, oh resourceful one?

And I know, I am missing out on something. Maybe sometime. :)
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I saw the trailer just last week and thought immediately "Must. Watch." Alas, no premium cable so - had to find alternatives XD
- (Anonymous)
The first part is going on right now! I'm listening to it as I type! OMG, only 2 more hours and Part 2!
I read "Will" and my mind went "Will? Lyra? The Subtle Knife? OMG, The Golden Compass is releasing in 3 days!!1!! LOVE."


Tin Man kicks ass :)
Somedays i don't know what i'm thinking. Yeah, i love Tin Man but the one thing i don't like some much was DG. I will be the first in line for The Golden Compass.
I can't wait to see Golden Compass.
I'm sorry you didn't like Enchanted. :/ It made me a happy little girl!
See that was the thing - everyone was so darn happy and enthusiastic that I couldn't wait to watch it - and then less than a minute into the movie, I was going o__O

*le sigh*
Well, I definitely think it took a while to pick up. All through the cartoon scenes in the beginning, I was doubtful. Buuut as soon as development began between Giselle and Robert, I got into it.
Yeah, I made myself sit and watch the whole thing in the hopes that my eyes would discover the shiny - yet it did not happen :( The highlight was the Prince getting together with the other chick - and that was what, a minute of running across NY and jumping down a manhole?
I really did love that part! Idina Menzel makes me so giddy.
Still, maybe you need to watch it again to get the shiny? I dunno. Of course the movie won't be for everyone; I just want as many people to get joy out of it as possible!
I have forced friends into marathoning various shows so I totally get you :) Though sometimes it just doesn't click - I recall two of my friends and I were falling over Jensen Ackles in Supernatural when it first came out and our other friend just did not see the reason for the mass collapse *shrugs*
+ My philosophy is to just wait and see what happens; but I love LJ too much to jump ship.

+ Sweet. I'll try that later. If it's good, I'll download. I need a new TV series other than Heroes and CSI.

+ I'm just going to hope some scenes which I grew fond of won't be cut.

+ I don't think your wires are crossed, hun. It's a feeling I get. When everyone around me is going on and on about Ugly Betty and I run the other direction. Heroes and CSI are the only ones I deem worth my time to watch.