Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Tech stuff + layout code up for grabs

[001] Everyone seems to be sharing mixes of songs for the holiday season. I'd like to point out that you can upload your files to up to 10 file sharing sites in one go, via tinyload.com. The only catch is the file cannot be more than 100MB - which isn't a problem for songs :) No registration involved. You upload the file once, and it'll be hosted automatically on megaupload, mediafire, rapidshare, divshare, Amazon S3 etc. Super useful this time of the year...

[002] When it comes to online word processors, y'all have probably all heard of Zoho - but now Adobe has come out with Buzzword. IT IS BEYOND SEXY and is just, very shiny.

[003] Symbaloo is the ultimate startpage - completely customizable, no ads and pure prettiness. Whether looking for directions, movies or a calculator...this single page is incredibly useful.

[004] I did a quick colorscheme today that is up for grabs - it's tricolor (blue, red and green) and the first person who wants to use it on their lj gets the layout code :)

[005] ETA: I stopped watching Avatar after the end of Season 2 because I felt the writers had done some god awful things to Zuko that he did not deserve. Still, I tried Ep 1 of Season 3...but saw no reason to continue. Now however, I read this and y'know what? I think I will catch up on the show soon (*\o/*)

[006] Son of ETA: Scifi is playing Tin Man from the first part right now! Go watch! On your computer if you don't have the channel! EEE - can't wait for 8pm!

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