Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Our little babies are all growng up and still saving Narnia ;__;

[001] If you're going home for christmas and your laptop has stuff you'd rather your family NOT see - today's freebie @ giveawayoftheday.com will hide the folders from peeps other than you :) You have only 24 hours to download though. After that - you have to pay to get this lovely softare...
Folder Castle hides your confidential documents, images, other files and folders on your computer. Hidden files become completely inaccessible for others: they cannot be read, copied, moved, deleted or even seen.

This is perfect for family-proofing my yaoi, slash fics and smutty stuff...

[002] The new trailer for Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia) is out. Lucy looks so much older, Prince Caspian is a hottie and yet I still wanna slash Peter and Edmund together.

[003] Tin Man was awesome for two reasons: Scarecrow, I mean Glitch - umm, Ambrose and Tin Man Cain. They are so partners for LIFE. Ambrose just kicks ass - cute, quirky, clever when he can think and wicked cool moves. Also, due to an ad on the Sci Fi channel, I'm stuck on this song...it just has an awesome mood:

[004] Uncertain about watching The Golden Compass? You can watch a preview of the first 5 minutes of the movie on yahoo :) Ah, Lyra is sneaky!love.

[005] lillym0n painted Kanda from D.Gray-Man for xtranew and it's beautiful. Also, her lj's layouts are always so pretty in a super!classy way*__*

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