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Rambling about my HP OTP... please feel free to skip. I''ve probably managed to contradict myself somehere. BAH.

Harry/Draco. In a way it's an impossible pairing. I don't just mean it's not going to happen in canon -that applies to most pairings. I mean, it's easy to visualise the tension and constant antagonism transfering into sexual release - sex just seems to need the right closet. However, I can't really imagine Harry and Draco in your average fanfic, growing old together, without breaking up due to a) never ending fights or b) losing their spark after even the fights have become old. The pairing seems rooted in the rivalry, the tension and the personal biases that get in the way of the relationship. They wouldn't really be H/D without it but even with it, their relationship probably wouldn't survive.

(Though I have constant faith in Harry beating the odds)

Draco is prickly and high maintanence. Harry ultimately, is his own man - he's used to being the one who calls the shots. They're both characters who practically scream "ME ME ME." And don't even get me started on Severus and Harry - there's something so acidic there that it infuences everything. The revelations of the last book might change that but...if Snape had survived, I still don't think I'd want to read him and Harry slashed 'cause they have too much crazy history between them. So two big slash ships seem kind of difficult to believe. If I had to go for a longterm reationship I'd just find it is much easier to see Severus/Draco with the psuedo-mentor relationship thingy going on.

That's probably why I enjoyed "The Years That Walk Between" by femmequixotic 'cause it showed how much Snaco does make sense while at the same time letting Draco and Harry grow, mature and mellow enough to hook up properly in the future.

If I'm honest with myself, I don't see my OTP hooking up young. They'd break up and get together and break up again and perhaps end up walking away from each other forever because they stepped across the line one too many times.


If they were to love others and grow and have kids and then go through a late 20s/30s/mid-life identity crisis? Yeah, I can see potential long term relationship. Which is why the epilogue to the series might be a blessing in disguise - at least for me personally. I'm a bit tired of seeing teenage H/D when we still have so many possibilities with storyline and relationships as adults. Especially since their relationship might work even better if they didn't hook up from the get go but...came into themselves, as individuals and then got together.

I still recall all my requests last year for fic where Draco would have a kid/heir and Harry would get over Ginny and then they finally get together. And now, as long as the whole of fandom does not go EWE, this might be my golden age for my OTP.

AAAAAAH. Got that out my system. It's so difficult to put all this whole mess of emotions and impressions and preferences into words. Anyone want to share on their OTP? The difficulties, how it does *work*, what you treasure...just spill :)
I have to admit that my initial reaction was to want to read...not necessarily EWE, but at least fics set immediately postwar, because I wanted to think about all the different ways that all could play out. I was and am fascinated by that gap and particularly enjoy fics that could be EWE and could be epilogue compliant, depending on the reader's interpretation.

I was of course also interested in trying to think up all the different ways to make H/D work with the epilogue, but I guess it didn't end up being my immediate post-DH focus.

This post of yours has done more than anything else to make me really enthusiastic about epilogue compliant fic, though. You have such a great point about them having more potential for long-term success if they come together later, after they've mellowed some. (You've also made me interested in reading Snape/Draco for probably the first time ever. LOL)
fics that could be EWE and could be epilogue compliant, depending on the reader's interpretation.

My only issue would be knowing Harry and Draco later choose to marry other people and raise kids rather than be true to their emotions. So in a way, I'd look for fic that not only bridge the gap from the last chapter to the epilogue but continue past it to the point where H/D becomes official...

Most of fandom would like to steer clear of anything related to the epilogue - with the exception of AS/S shippers et all XD

It's totally due to the fact that on the few times I do read alternate pairings for Draco or Harry, there is the long term relationship angle which doesn't quite click with H/D. And it causes a lot of mixed feelings I have a hard time getting out...

The fic by femme that I mentioned above includes past Snaco and I thin I have one or two recs in my bookmarks. After reading HBP, it was that ship that seemed to get some of the most leverage, even more than H/D in some ways...
My only issue would be knowing Harry and Draco later choose to marry other people and raise kids rather than be true to their emotions. So in a way, I'd look for fic that not only bridge the gap from the last chapter to the epilogue but continue past it to the point where H/D becomes official...

Well, if I always do that in my head, anyway. Haha. If I imagine the epilogue at all, I then imagine breakups with the wives and an intense reunion of some sort. ;)
The thing I love about H/D (and other pairings that I often enjoy--Snarry, Ginny/Pansy, Ron/Pansy, etc.) is that it's challenging. There are plenty of great pairings that are easier than I sometimes read, but the contentious ones remain my favorites. I like reading and writing about how the characters get past their challenges. And isn't that the most rewarding and interesting thing about any relationship? It is for me, anyway, my current relationship included. That, as I see it, is what keeps these pairings going. They have these problems that take a lifetime to tackle, and that's what makes it last provided there's enough real love to make it worth everyone's while. And I really do believe that given the chance, Harry and Draco can truly love each other.
There are two main types of ships I tend to go for - the bestfriends/brotherhood/partner pairing and the rivalry/enemies pairing. H/D definitely falls into the latter and when I read Unthinkable Thoughts in 2001, I got hooked on the angst, and the against the odds nature of the ship.

Yet, at the same time - H/D might fall in love and start a relationship - but staying in the relationship, through all the craziness and fights and when everything becomes said and done...there are actually very few fics that seem to really capture that kind of relationship. So in a way, they might love each other completely, but things still don't work out.
See, that's why I've become extremely fond of sarahtales's fic. She doesn't jump the gun right away, but makes it seem as if H/D are the only ones right for each other - through thick and thin, and all that.

(Excuse me, I'm gushing). But really, I can't imagine H/D growing old together until they've matured/stuck through gazillions of obstacles and found something in each other beyond the 'passion'.
I commissioned buttfacemakani to do an Auror Harry & Draco art piece over a year ago:

H&D end up working as partners, they learn to get along - and perhaps in the future it leads to a partnership that's more permanent.

And then Maya wrote Drop Dead Gorgeous and so now whenever I read the fic, I look up at my wall at Draco and Harry, haha
When I first got into Harry Potter, H/D was my OTP, then I moved onto Harry/Ron and I guess Harry/Ron still is my OTP... even though I've kind of lost the passion.
The pairing I'm the most into right now is Mohinder/Sylar, and because of their history together it's fucked up and complex and yet I'm still convinced they are perfectly right for each other.
See, it isn't very often that I fall hard for friendship/partner fics - Heero/Duo (Gundam Wing) and Naruto are the exception - though Naruto is kind of friends/rivals/enemies when it comes to Naruto/Sasuke haha.

But yeah, friendship!romance are super believable for longterm possibilties.

I think I read a Mylar!shippers revie before watching the finale so I totally ended up having certain thought when Sylar rolled up his sleeves and his focus on Mohinder and Mohinder going for the knife and...oye. Still don't have an OTP for the show though :( Not feeling it yet so much.
It is a Tricky OTP, isn't it? I can understand Draco and there are many parts of him which I love but there is something I can't Forgive about him that I would think it is difficult for Harry to Forgive and this is his racism. This gets Dismissed easily in many stories and I wonder why this is. Perhaps it is that the Writer has never encountered racism. JK who lived in countries not her own would have been more Interested in this and It is a v. important facet of the series. Another thing is When I see Harry being v. conciliatory and Understanding with Draco when Harry never allows anyone to Step on him if he can help it. He is Less upfront in relationships where he tends to run away from a situation rather than deal with it. It is a Testament to my OTP writers that they can make me believe in this ship when there is so much to draw them apart, not in the least their similarities.
Draco's prejudices are a part of him, a part which I don't claim to love but I do accept that that's the way he is. Still, a lot of Draco's issues with muggles and muggle-born wizards have probably gotten a bit of a shock with the events in the last book - while he may not accept them with open arms, he won't take up arms against them. And he's still only a teen at this point. He still has a lot more growth ahead of him which is why I have no problems with peeps minimizing Draco's prejudices and biases in fanfiction - especially when he's 20/30 or above...

I've always thought that Harry was far more capable of dark actions than Draco - his defeat of Voldie without curses seems to have put a bit of a dent in that but I can still see him as more susceptible to actions which aren't really for a hero, y'know?
Draco's prejudices are a part of him

I try to be so tolerant of him as you are But I realize This is pretend tolerance for a fictional character since in RL prejudice makes my blood boil like water for chocolate.

Harry is more capable of action than Draco {whatever action} is because Draco suffers from What most of us suffer from, which is not having Total conviction that whatever we do is correct. This is one concept of the heroic, to sacrifice for others, to conquer and to have certainty.
I like the way you think about this. Realistically, given a canon Harry and a canon Draco, there are sure to be fireworks and many many fights, and possibly some great sex if they both just get over themselves. But the potential for a real relationship between them would only come with a large amount of personal growth on both sides.

I agree that I have a hard time reading Hogwarts years fics that are H/D even though this is my favorite pairing, just because too often they go from fighting to kissing to omg fluffy "I love you forever." Ew. Far more likely that they'd break up, perhaps belatedly realize what they'd lost, deal with swallowing a bit of pride and only *then* come back together. Or a hard trauma could force them to abandon selfish youth and springboard them into maturity. This is likely why there seems to be a lot of trauma in H/D fics (another guilty pleasure of mine.)

I'd love to see more well-done mature-aged H/D fics as well.

Hope you don't mind if I friend you? I've been enjoying your recs pages. *g*
After so many H/D fics, I've come to understand that while I love in character fics - with Harry and Draco realistically portrayed - what's even rarer to find is fics where the relationship manages to *work*. Where you could fast forward ten years and Harry and Draco managed to stay together. The relationship in some fics seems so evanescent.

H/D being so huge a ship means that there's a scary amount of bad fic. I don't know - I look at SPN and SG-1/SGA fandoms and the level of writing of the average writing seems to be more...polished. Maybe it's because it's all adult fic, maybe it's just the genre (horror and scifi). In any case, there's an insanely huge amount of fic for H/D but not much I really adore.

War has most people mature faster IMO - there was a particular post-war fic, Snatch by didntyoupotter that takes a close look at the relationship and shows how H/D together longterm does make sense...

Feel free to friend :) Haven't updates recs in ages but will get around to it in the new year haha
First of all, I won't read Snape/Anyone so the above rec was out from the get go.

As for the H/D, I'm totally with you on that. I can only see them being together - and staying together - once they've matured. There will always be a spark of the past between them and I guess there will be multiple minefields along the way, but ultimately I think that they can make a go of it.

As teens and just out of school? I don't see the happy ever after there. I've read fic that has almost convinced me while staying IC, but it's very rare.
Haha, Snape dead from the get go in the fic so it's pretty much all Draco and him getting on with life and Harry :)

Yeah that's the thing with high school fic - if it's IC then it can't really be longterm in most cases. And the fics that normally have them go longterm have usually needed to make them OOC...
Harry ultimately, is his own man - he's used to being the one who calls the shots.

Hrm.... i dunno about this. i think this is how fanon likes to portray them. so... if we're talking about fanon in general terms, yes.

but harry's hardly been in charge. OotP he had his moments with the DA, but even then, that was mostly Hermione's egging.

HP:DH he even talks about his lack of control in his life. so... really... it could go either way with him.

If I'm honest with myself, I don't see my OTP hooking up young. They'd break up and get together and break up again and perhaps end up walking away from each other forever because they stepped across the line one too many times.

i can actually see this... i can see them falling into this cycle -- and getting comfortable with it -- until the end of days.

in fact, it would go a bit with your earlier assessment of 'when the fighting gets old'. i mean, if they constantly break up, constantly make new lovers, constantly make the other break up with new lovers, constantly get angry at each other, constantly make-up... hrmm... you should write that, in fact.


For Big Bang III! A New Classic or a New Twist on an Old Cliche.

Harry's not one for following the rules unless they suit him really - he makes his own way and that can be seen from when he starts breaking rules in book 1 to the point where he revamps the Auror department as JKR revealed.
Who knows what would have happened if Voldie had not marked him at birth, but, since he did, Harry has had to make a lot of decisions not only in reaction to death threats but also to just save the wizarding world. IMO, there was only one person Harry really listened to and would willingly take orders from - that would be Albus.

I do get that a lot of Harry's decisions were because he was forced into life threatening situations - but I don't know how to explain it...he chose to take fight Voldie and not all his actions were just reactions...

F wrote a short oneshot fic for Draco's birthday that really capured the H/D relationship IMO -Just Another Lifetime

Bah, I don't write fic XD

Will now hit the sack haha
I've started to find I'm much of the same right now I think. I'm just so spent on the H/D plot where they hook up during their school years or how they get over their grudges so quickly or whatever. Given, I'll still read it because I'm a fanfic whore when it comes to those two but I do think I prefer it when they're older and have all that history between them that they have to deal with. Though, I have to say my absolute favourite plot to read right now is Harry being the single parent to a kid and Draco being thrown into the mix against his will. Or, aka, Stain of Silence. I have legit read this fic about 12 times all ready and it never gets old :333

aaand I apologise if a lot of that was just rambling thoughts xD I've been writing essays for the past three days and I'm tooootally not even here right now.
For me, long-term H/D relies on over-coming some of that rivalry and seeing what they have in common too. Harry and Draco were both faithful to the messages they were brought up on, trusted in figures that, while they may have believed they were right, still used them like tools. (I don't care what JKR says, Harry had to have experienced some sort of reckoning with himself about Dumbledore's manipulations after the shock wore off.) I think that's why it's so much easier to see this working when they've gotten a bit of distance from each other, and had time to set themselves (hehe) straight.

There's only so many ways H/D can get together in a canon friendly way now: affair, divorce, spouse death or unhappy ending. That's likely where the appeal of the EWE comes in - because if you drop the epilogue, the possibilities are nearly endless again. However, I still prefer canon-compliant fics and I'm always impressed with inventive new ways to get out of the corner JKR painted us into.