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I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot!

Yoon Eun Hye - if you've seen the korean dramas Coffee Prince or Goong, then you know her.

There are a handful of female actresses on whom I have a sort of girl!crush. Yoon Eun Hye kind of creeped up on me, 'cause she's cute...but as I watched her dramas it really struck me how well she could emote - I'd be cheering madly for her character or tears would be leaking out of my eyes during a painful scene. I find that while there is a lot of eyecandy in dramas, not everyone can actually act - or get you to feel something for them.

And my god, half the time in Coffee Prince I'd forget she was actually a super!femine girl:

From acting like a guy in Coffee Prince...
(click to zoom)
to a photoshoot in VIKI:
(click to zoom)

She also has no problems with wearing killer high heels :O

A pimp!stick and short skirt + blowing a kiss

How to sell a bob!cut hair style...

I adore the angle of this next photo *__*

Aww, she's such a geek at heart ^O^

...and this is how short hair can make even a business suit funky...


Oh yeah, she can act too...

The secretary who your love interest wants...

Ah, young romance...

And your regular fashion shoot - she makes it all look so effortless...

FYI Yoon Eun Hye is awesome enough at acting that she has won awards too...

How come far eastern red carpet photos look so much cooler than hollywood's?


She can make any outfit work really...

including those that seem to be for guys, lol...


This is Yoon Eun Hye long before acting - and instead singing in a girl band.

In the girl group of old, she was knd of the baby, haha

I can't wait for her next drama *__*


OMG I want that lavender dress in #12!!!
I love this girl she's so amazing
and gorgeous!!!!
I'm currently watching Goong and I've already seen Coffee Prince and I'm in the same as you: "can't wait for her next drama!"

PS- Do you know if there will be a Goong 2?
Wow. I honestly have no idea who this is, but she's stunning. And, more than that, her look is so versatile! I think my favorite must be the one with the red glasses, it looks so fresh and sincere ;).

Thanks for sharing!
OMG. I totally have a girl!crush on her too! I fell in love with her after watching Coffee Prince (like her more here than in Goong). She's is so versatile. And, by god, her clothes above are just awesome. Shit, she's hot.
I cried during Coffee Prince. True story.

And the more you post, the more I think you're me in another universe- stop it. *__*
Just like everyone else I have a girl crush on her too. Which reminds me I should finish watching Goong.
Why don't I have a Yoon Eun Hye icon for my account?!?!

* v*) I really fell in love with her after watching Coffee Prince. Then after finishing it I began another of her dramas The Vineyard Man. It was such an utter shock for me from seeing her in CP. But man I do love her so much 8D She is so versatile which I love in actors/actresses. She is quite amazing and so beautiful > v<) I always lover her photo shoots haha!♥